Make Yourself Unforgettable

Unforgettable people speak in terms of vision.

Its about what they can see. They don’t use statistics to make their point, they use vivid imagination. They paint the picture of a world that others can’t imagine, and they share their vision with words.

Being a great communicator requires two distinct qualities:

    • Optimism – Can look beyond any current situation to imagine a better time. When will that time come into being? How will it happen? Those are just mere details.
    • Simple words – He puts that shared vision into simple words that everyone can understand. It does help to use language that can be clearly be understood by a truck driver and a scientist.


John F Kennedy in 1961 said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country“.
Why was this unforgettable? why was he unforgettable? Kennedy did not ask us to follow, nor did he ask us to lead.  He challenged us to serve.

Truly inspiring and unforgettable people are driven to serve others, thus earning a good leader the loyalty and respect of those who ultimately serve them back. For people to be unforgettable, they need a following. Why should any individuals want to follow another individual unless they feel that person would serve them and their interests?

Intelligence beyond Intellect :  Intuition

For many people who have made themselves unforgettable, intuition has always been a basic element of their success.

Intuition had played an important role in forming Walt Disney company to what it is today. When Walt Disney drew his first cartoon mouse, he wanted to call that mouse Mortimer. That didn’t sound right to his wife and she suggested changing it to Mickey.  Was it a well thought out decision why she preferred Mickey?  Probably not. Was a marketing survey done to see which name the public preferred?  No, because marketing surveys didn’t exist at that time and Walt could not afford it anyways. But Mortimer was changed to Mickey and the rest you know…is history. It all happened because of a hunch on the part of Walt Disney’s wife.

We all have flashes of intuition, but we ignore or distrust them as irrational and useless distractions. Intuition is not just a party game, its a unique form of personal power that deserves your attention.

There is a difference between ignoring your intuitive powers and trusting them blindly.  If you like to learn what these differences are .



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