Truth About Selling

Selling” ?

“I’m not good at Selling”


Have you heard that from someone before ?  Or perhaps from yourself ?

Everyone who is not in sales thinks, “I could never sell.”

Truth us, most people who are in sales secretly think the same thing.

There is a reason people feel this way: most of us look at sales backward. We may see it as convincing people to do something they don’t want to do, or to get something from others.  But its NOT!   Its about learning what people do want to do and helping them do that, its about giving.  Or, we may think sales is about taking advantage of others — While in fact, its about giving other people more advantage.

Selling is Giving:

Giving time, attention, counsel, education, empathy, and value.  In fact, the word sell comes from the old English word sellan, which means — “To Give”

This is not how most of us have come to think about sales.

Typically sales is taught as a set of specific skills, and techniques, aimed at putting your product into someone else’s hands and their dollar into your pocket…viewed as a sequence of specific, controlled events:

Prospect -> Qualify -> Present -> Overcome Objections ->
Close -> Follow up -> Provide Customer Service

The Authentic Sales (Giving) paradigm takes a different approach. In this case the sales process goes something like this:

Create Value -> Touch People's Lives -> Build Networks ->
Be Real -> Stay Open

  • Instead of adding value” after the sale or as an incentive to close a difficult deal, Our “Giving” model starts with adding value and makes that its principal goal throughout.
  • The Classic sales process culminates in the “Close”.  Ours focuses on the “Open”.
  • People typically think of sales as a “talking” business. Our approach is to spend less time talking and more time “Listening”.
  • Conventional sales training focuses on the “presentation”: how you talk about your product.  Ours focuses on asking “great questions” and keeping the conversation focused on others.

Shifting your focus from getting to giving is not only a nice way to live life and conduct business, but a very profitable way as well.

What makes a sales person great at sales is that he or she is wholeheartedly interested in the other person.  Its not about your product, its not about you — It’s about the other person.

This means anyone can be great in sales. Yes you too can be great in sales. Few things you have to master -

The 5 Laws Of Stratospheric Success -

  • Law of Value -Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.
  • Law of Compensation -Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.
  • Law of Influence – Your Influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.
  • Law of Authenticity - The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.
  • Law of Receptivity - The Key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

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After you read this book I know you will say – “I’m so good at selling !”

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