Success in any endeavor will require you to have a huge following. Which means that you will have to learn how to build strong teams…and it is an absolute must when it comes to home based business / network marketing industry.

Here are the 13 Basics of building a Team:

1.   People should, as a rule, feel better after talking to you than before. Any interaction with you should be a pleasant one.

2.   You always follow the Cardinal Rules: No ‘Negatives’ Downline or Crossline. Period!!

3.   Never express your doubts or concerns in  front of your group.

4.   Always speak BOLDLY what you want!

5.   Set Goals and ALWAYS counsel with your upline/mentor. Your belief in your upline will prompt your group to have belief in YOU. Then they will receive it well, when you transfer them your belief system.

6.   Speak your goals out loud  and set very high standards in terms of your work ethic.

7.   Love and uplift people. Speak your Dreams into existence.

8.   SPEAK words of confidence, hope, belief and love always! Use Success Vocabulary.

9.   Speak BIG thoughts, BIG dreams, BIG Vision. Practice self-talk daily.

10.  READ!  READ!  READ! Positive attitude, success principles books.

11.   LISTEN!  LISTEN!  LISTEN! Listen more than talking.

12.  Have lovefaithhope and dream thoughts all the time.

13.  Become the best Teacher !

Your success in our business is directly proportional to the number of self-worths you can increase.  That has to do with your ability to transfer your beliefs to them. These are some 13 ways to achieve that.

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