Knowledge is power, so add more muscle to your business by experiencing the 2010 Summer Conference.

This much anticipated two-day event includes three information-rich sessions with inspiring leaders who will share the success principles that empower business owners.

June 19-20 -  Rochester, NY <<— Our local Team goes to this one.

July 3 Nassau, Bahamas

July 9-10Greensboro, NC

July 31 – Aug 1 - Santa Clara, CA

July 3-4  – London, Ontario

June 26-27  -  Cincinnati, OH

July 31 – Aug 1 - DFW Airport, TX

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The Network Marketing industry has created more financially-free people than any other industry. But merely joining our business and sitting at home ain’t going to cut it.  If you want to become a success in this industry you will have to take a weekend of your life and invest it into your own education, inspiration, motivation. If you cannot do your part, you cannot really blame it on the system or the company or your upline.  Success is like going to the bathroom, you have to do it on your own. We can only open the door and show you the way, but in the end you have to do it yourself.

We pray and hope that you achieve all the goals you set in life. Life is not just a marathon, it is like the lemon race where you don’t win the race if the lemon falls off the spoon. You are not going to be happy winning the race of life if you drop the lemons – Relationships, Health, Integrity, Family, Spiritual, Financial, Character, etc.
Our Business will not only help you financially, you will also be empowered to win the Lemon Race!

Go win your lemon race!!    Make yourself and your family proud!!    We are in your corner and cheering you on…..PATH TO WINNING THE LEMON RACE IS HERE

If you are serious about attending, pick up the phone and dial 1-267-446-3722  to reserve your ticket today.

Summer Conferences

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