How To Spot Potential Leaders

Why You Need Leaders?

To build a large organization, you need to learn how to spot potential leaders and develop them. How do you spot them? There are some incredible CD’s in our business system regarding this subject that you can get from your upline.


When people join your business team, you should do 5-7 meetings for them to show them how to build the business. You provide samples, drive miles for them, answer their questions, you loan CDs & books, you do meetings for them….on and on as an upline. Some people emerge out of these meetings as your future leaders. Some of them fade away. Bill Britt always said that you will find 2-3 leaders out of 10 people joining your team.


What are the early signs of leadership?

Because people joining your team come in various forms and shapes and backgrounds, they come from backgrounds that has prepared them for a business like ours which is a people business – you have to attract people and not repel them.

    • They show respect for you and your time.
    • They show gratitude and express it.
    •  They are willing to take charge. You have to show them things only once or hint about it.
    • They are not afraid of NO’s. They are not afraid of making mistakes. They know that failures are not fatal and that failures form the foundation for success.
    • They have a serving mentality. They are eager to offer help and hesitant to ask for help.
    •  They become good students of the business; they do their homework when you give them some.

If you want to go Platinum and beyond, you have to develop people – build people who will build their own business. If you just want a small business, you will tend to build other people’s business by doing things for them that they can and are supposed to be doing it themselves.


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