Social media is one of the biggest “hype” topics in Internet Marketing today.

Unfortunately, it’s also very misunderstood and equally misused. Social media is NOT what you’ve been led to believe. It’s been flaunted as this “holy grail” free traffic generator – which you can use to generate tons of free leads and make millions of dollars in the process… promoting your affiliate products or biz opp.*LOL*

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What Social Media is NOT….Social Media is not a one-way traffic generator. Meaning it’s not an effective medium when used to directly generate leads and sell things. Especially not affiliate products and definitely not business opportunities.

Social media is not a traffic qualifier. Any prospects you generate there have been led in with curiosity.
Other times, they come out of pure self-indulgence… adding others as “friends” with the intention of getting more exposure for themselves.

Think of the multiple spam messages and add requests you get from people on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Those people don’t want to learn about you. They’ve been tricked into thinking that adding you will help them get more traffic…And frankly no one really gives a shit about them… except for the annoyance they cause.

By now, you might be asking yourself… “is this ‘social-media’ thing for real?”
Can increasing your traffic and sales really be made easy?
Can it all really be automated?
Can you really do it with just a few marketing “tweaks”?
Can anybody do it?
How do we know it really works?

Yes, social media can be a powerful “marketing medium”, when used correctly.

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What Social Media Is…It is a 2-way communication medium. And It’s a 2-way traffic generator.
In other words, it needs reciprocation and momentum to build fast. You have to FEED IT traffic to get traffic in return.

Making friends who are also qualified prospects can be difficult… unless you first feed your social networks with the friends and prospects you already have.
Social Media is about REACH. Reach through networks you’ve already built, with people that KNOW and are INTERESTED in you.!

These are the people you want to tap in to. The more people you reach through your intricate network of existing “targeted” friends, the more new friends you’re going to make. (who of course, eventually turn into customers) Why Social Media Will FAIL You!

So to recap, your initial group of targeted friends allow you to tap into the right people and also allow you create momentum. You leverage the people who already care about you to meet new people who care about them. This is how you dominate social media and leverage its massive networks of countless…millions and millions of people.

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