Smiling Equals Success

How Does Smiling Equate to Success?

Read any good book on people skills and there will be at least a mention of the power of smiling. It’s also the easiest technique to learn in order to master the art of persuasion.
For some people, smiling takes a bit of practice. (Hey, for some it takes a lot of practice.) We’re not talking about a smile just to be positive, although that in and of itself is certainly a good enough reason.
In fact, let’s discuss that just a bit…  It’s been said, “You don’t smile because you’re happy, you’re happy because you smile”
That’s true! It’s a physiological fact.
When you smile, there is a chemical response within the body that actually compels you to feel happy.
Do this: smile really big, right now, and try and feel sad… Can’t do it—won’t work.
When you smile, you make yourself happy, improve your attitude, and also improve the other person’s attitude and expectations of you. John Mason, author of Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop” says, “0ne of the single most powerful things you can do to influence others is to smile at them.”
While my smile is genuine, I also know it is one of my most effective tools when transacting with others.
Very few people smile without a particular reason.
Thus by smiling, you give yourself a distinct advantage over everyone who is not smiling.
Get that sincere smile on your face—and do it before you deal with the service person,
the bureaucrat, your boss, the waitperson, your spouse, anybody!
Get yourself ready for that person to like you and smile back at you!
I employ this simple action all the time, every day, with amazing results, and I know others who do the same.
They quite often get waited on or helped at a crowded desk first,
just because the person sees them with that smile.
We spoke earlier about having to talk to a manager regarding a challenge.
Or, you might have to question someone about the fact there’s an extra charge on your bill.
Greet that person with a really nice smile and watch their mindset  to match yours.
The person who smiles becomes a pleasure to deal with.
The fastest way I know to change my bad feeling is to start smiling.
A smile causes the release of neuro chemicals called endorphins
into your brain, where they are responsible for the positive mood
human we call joy.
That means you can change how you feel by simply smiling. (And notice if that makes you smile…)
When you smile, people begin talking about you in a positive way. What s the payoff for that? You probably won’t
know exactly what it is until it happens, but the general result, in both short and long term,
is that you make others feel good and you contribute positively to your world and the world of others.

Does smiling work for you in the business world too?

Sure, because you never know who you’re going to meet and who will take notice of you.
A smile makes people curious about you. Why is he smiling? What makes her so happy?
They may inquire about what line of work you’re in and ask about you personally.
It’s happened to me.
What about on a social level? The same. Smiling makes you more attractive to others.
And I don’t mean necessarily in the physical sense—though it’s true there, as well.
Les Giblin suggests, that in the same way voice Instructors teach their pupils to breathe deeply
and let their voices come from way down low in their bellies, we must do the same with our smiling.
Instead of smiling from the diaphragm, smile from deep in your heart.
You have to smile from deep in your heart, if you want it to have real impact.
A plastered-on smile that goes only skin deep won’t have much effect. We’ve all seen people with that kind of smile, and it
just comes across as phony, insincere, or manipulative. Your smile must be genuine or it won’t have all these positively
persuasive results.
Practice your smile constantly. Put yourself into a happy state by first by thinking of something very pleasant.
The more you practice, the more your friendly, persuasive smiling will come across as – and be – authentic, natural and yours.

Come and find out why our business associates are always smiling!

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