“Genius is the ability to..

..reduce the complicated to the simple.”

- C.W. Ceran

Simplify Your Life

Keeping your mind on the main thing requires simplification.

If you can simplify your life, you will become more focused, you will possess more energy, and you will experience less stress.

Like every decision in life, simplification requires trade-offs. You can’t do everything, and choosing to do one thing means you can’t do something else.  It means saying no, even to some things you want to do.  But thinking about the alternative, If you don’t choose what trade-offs you make, someone else will to simplify their life and succeed.

Once at a convention of coaches, former Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi was asked about his offensive and defensive strategies for winning football games. Lombardi, who was famous for beginning training camp each year by holding up a football and saying, “This is a football. I only have two strategies. My offensive strategy is simple: When we have the ball, we aim to knock the other team down!  And my defensive strategy is similar: When the other team has the ball, we aim to knock all of them down!

That may sound like simplification, but it really is the bottom line for winning the games in the NFL.

What kind of things occupy your time?

Take account for how you are spending your time. Your time should be spent on things that are required, bring a high return, or are highly rewarding.  That’s what simplification is all about!

Your Biggest Mistake Is Not Asking What Mistake You’re Making!

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss.  If your ego is so big and you think you know it all and your way is always the right way, I have news for you. You’re going to learn the hard and painful way, possibly after wasting many many years.

All it takes is opening up to your mentor and asking what mistakes are you making, and be willing to accept their recommendations and changing your thoughts and actions.

That’s how you can simplify your life and achieve great success in whatever you do.

Passion is the prerequisite for peak performance, and Complications slow down your peak performance.

I don’t care what the field of endeavor is—sports, business, science, medicine, education, ministry, public service—I don’t believe that anyone will perform at his or her peak without passion. Life’s too tough to get to the top without passion. You’re going to fail, be taken advantage of, be disappointed by people you trust, disappoint yourself, run out of resources—almost every day you’re going to encounter a good, solid, logical reason why you ought to give up. And without passion, you just might. That’s why passion is the prerequisite for peak performance. Complications slow down your peak performance, so make your life simple. Simplification does require trade-offs, you cannot satisfy every want of yours. Because if you try to do, you will never achieve what you really want out of life and rather than simplification, you have instead complicated everything.

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