Life is like going upstairs on a downward escalator, in that if you’re not stepping up fast enough, you’re surely going down.

Life is not like a stairway upon which you can reach a certain step and then stop and maintain your position. Just as a tree is either growing or decaying, so we are either progressing or regressing. Whats the next step after a tomato grows ripe? It starts to decay. Same for humans too! We have to deliberately add in positive to see positive growth.., and just doing nothing and staying standstill will automatically yield negative results… SCARY ?

..Its the Law of Nature - Life will just NOT operate at standstill.

Why Wal-Mart overtook K-Mart ?

Don Soderquist, a retired senior vice chairman of the board of  Wal-Mart was at a banquet one evening and had the opportunity to meet with Harry Cunningham, the former CEO of K-Mart stores. Harry Cunningham was the legendary character who dramatically changed retail in America by developing the concept of K-Mart stores for the former Kresge company — A model Don carefully studied and considered while developing Wal-Mart stores.

Don thanked Harry for what he had done in pioneering the successful discounting format as we know it today.  Harry graciously accepted his praise, but was quick to add how much he appreciated what Wal-Mart had done in developing the concept even further.

He went on to say, “We made a serious mistake along the way by not changing and updating our stores over the years. We had a successful formula that was working and saw no reason to change. You folks at Wal-Mart continued to improve until you were much better than we were, and by that time, you passed us by.

Don Soderquist learned a lesson in that conversation that while success can lead to success, it could also lead to failure if you refuse to focus on improving.

There is magic in the extra mile!

It is by pushing ourselves to our current maximum that we open the door of growth to a new maximum. For example, much of the growth from weightlifting comes from the final reps before you can lift no more. If you could bench press 200 pounds a maximum of 10 reps, 80% of muscle growth and increased strength will result from the final 2 reps,  and only 20% of the growth results from the first 8 reps. Last 2 reps are the hardest, but if neglected will cost you 80% of your growth.  It does not require twice the effort to achieve twice the improvement, because the final efforts of maximum exertion results in exponential returns.

In Business, if you were to simply work an additional 40 minutes a day, which could be achieved by taking your lunch to work and eating quickly in your office instead of going out, you would complete an additional month of full time work each year!

All animals below the intelligence of mankind are forced to go the extra mile just in order to survive. But man has a choice, we can get by without going the extra mile, but the riches of the world will only come to us if we stretch out the extra mile.

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