Pulling Together

Pulling Together

The greatest accomplishments in life are not achieved by individuals alone, but by proactive people pulling together for a common good.

Look behind every winner and you will find a great coach.

Look out in front of every superstar and you will see a positive role model.

Look alongside every great achiever and you will find caring people offering encouragement, support and able assistance.

Rising to this level of interdependent thinking can be challenging and difficult. Looking beyond oneself, asking for help or accepting help can feel risky…

But people are not given life to simply take from one another… We are here to give too.

Our mission in life is to offer our gifts to benefit one another, to create mutual gain in the world. This is called team-work:  a win-win mindset stemming from a genuine commitment to the rules that allow it to happen.

Here is an example of how our Jamaican friends know about pulling together..during my recent trip last month to Kingston.  A united team is unstoppable!  Credit goes to all the upcoming leaders in and around the Kingston and Montego Bay area.


Nine rules that anyone can understand:

1.   Put the Team First -

If you put your personal agenda ahead of the team, you prove you are undependable.

2.   Communicate Openly and Candidly -

There are no stupid questions.  The most stupid question is the one you don’t ask.

3.    Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

Positive, possibility thinking is how you find solutions. Fear is negative thinking and more problems.

4.    Respect Diversity

The more diverse your group, the greater strength it will have across countries. Respect the differences and stay united for the common cause.

5.   Ask and Encourage the Right Questions

After a while, as a leader you learn to ask the right questions to your mentor and therefore you will get the right answers.

6.   Build Trust with Serving, Integrity and Example

Trust builds by first serving others, trusting them, being a man or woman of your word, and doing what is right.

7.   Commit to Excellence

None of us are perfect, but we can all strive for excellence. Commitment to Excellence shows you are serious about your dreams.

8.   Independent Thinking

Don’t always depend on your mentor’s brain, do your own thinking and then mastermind with your mentor.

9.   Pull the Weeds

Weeds and negative thoughts are automatic.  It takes effort and discipline to put in the good or positive. Pull the weeds out of your brain by adding more positive.


If the above 9 points made sense to you and you want to be part of the most awesome, positive, uplifting team pulling together -

I welcome you to  ==> THE DREAM TEAM

Best regards,

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