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Power Of The Subconscious

Power Subconscious

The conscious mind is incredibly small

when compared to the subconscious one,

like a solitary human being standing atop an ice sheet that is many miles across.
In sheer proportions, the subconscious mind occupies many thousands of times
more of our mental faculties than does the conscious mind.To make its dominance
even more commanding, the subconscious mind labors 24 hours a day,
while the conscious mind functions only while you are awake.
It should not surprise anyone, that substantial progress in a positive direction,
which only occurs when you are awake and working, is almost impossible when
your life vision is generally negative. The solution is not to travel faster while you are awake.
That approach is futile and exhausting, doomed to failure from the start.
The answer lies in changing your subconscious mind’s vision of who you are
and what you are to be and do.


The subconscious mind is never completely negative.

It could never be completely anything. It is a hodgepodge of
helpful, harmful, and neutral thoughts, memories assumptions
feelings, and beliefs. Every piece of data that enters
your mind through your five senses is recorded by your
brain without regard for its accuracy or virtue.
It is analyzed, sifted, interpreted, and either stored,
ignored, rejected, or repressed. In this way, every bit of input,
no matter how tiny or insignificant, changes you slightly.
In the same way that anything dropped into a stew alters
the composition and flavor of the whole pot, everything that
goes into your well alters it slightly. Every bit of salt makes it saltier.
Every bit of sugar makes it sweeter. Therefore, just as the damaging
beliefs dissolved in your well water never cease to exert their
influence on you, the positive ones are also at work 24/7.
Almost everyone has had the experience of going to
bed at night with a vexing problem, only to awaken the following
morning or in the middle of the night with a brilliant solution.
We’ve all heard people respond to a challenging
question by saying, “Let me sleep on it.” In other words, they are saying,
“Let me shut down my conscious mind and allow the creative genius
of my subconscious to grapple with the issue.”
Due to their contrast in size, your conscious mind is helpless to overcome
the vision of life harbored in the subconscious. Day after day
you may toil relentlessly to build the life you long for, but night after night
the billions of neurons programmed for failure in your brain create a mysterious
but overwhelming desire within you to sabotage your own success..,
like a man trying to swim upstream in a strong current, the effort required
for even small gains is enormous. To make matters worse, whenever he stops
to rest all of his gains are rapidly erased. In this way, as the years go by,
you will find yourself progressively further from your goals.

By reprogramming your subconscious vision of life,

you can slowly stop the “southward” trend, and even reverse it.

The benefits of accomplishing this are enormous, because if you are
successful in this endeavor you will find yourself moving forward
even as you sleep! Eventually the river in which you are swimming
will also start moving in the same direction as your goals,
amplifying your efforts instead of diminishing them,
accelerating your pace rather than slowing it.

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Power Of The Subconscious

Power Of The Subconscious

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