Really, Are You People-Centered?

Are You People Centered?

Ask yourself the following 5 questions.

If the answer to 4 of the 5 is YES,  you exhibit the essential attributes of a people-centered person.

  1. Do you look at others right in the eyes? People-centered people are very attentive not just to what you say but how you say it, and they are looking for the emotion behind your language. Your eyes are the windows to your soul.
  2. Do you repeatedly ask “WHY”? Naturally inquisitive, people-centered individuals want to know how others think, and they deconstruct idle conversation the way scientists deconstruct a molecule.
  3. Do you analyze what you can gain from each interaction? While the first 2 attributes suggest a person who is focused on others, the reality is often exactly the opposite. They are constantly looking for personal meaning and benefit from interactions with others. Its not that they’re selfish. It does mean that they are always focused on achieving their goals by learning from others.  By listening to – and caring about – someone else’s needs, you can then identify the opportunity to make your service align with that need.
  4. Do you actively look to improve products, results or situations? Most people-centered people are also problem-solvers. They are always looking for things they need to fix and then fixing them. They seek opportunity — or create it.
  5. Do you apply your experiences? Whether it is people, products, services or experiences, people-centered people have an ability to take what they learn from one situation and then apply it to other areas of their life.  Everything you’ve done, experienced, and learned up to this moment is your working capital for winning. Put it to work in every situation, however you can.

Understanding and being able to connect with people — to know them better than they know themselves — is not the same thing as being charming, charismatic, or even nice.  Some of the most successful people-centered individuals in the world — in fact, in human history — have reportedly been difficult, if not dreadful to be around.

When someone affords us their undivided time and attention, we feel respected, appreciated and significant.

“You can’t ever gain respect until you show respect,” declares Richard Devos the visionary co-founder of Amway and one of the great entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. He emphasized, “Your first act of communication is to show respect to whomever you are talking to. Whatever their philosophy, whatever their flavor, whatever their color, you’ve got to show that you respect them as a person. When people don’t respect you, they don’t let you in, they don’t tell you their secrets or personal concerns. And so they don’t give you the information you need to give them what they want.”

Why is it so hard for companies to give a great customer service ?

“They don’t think like the customer, they don’t put themselves in the shoes of the customer. They are thinking about their own organization, processes, and rule book the way it’s always been done. Most companies want to make life easier for themselves as opposed to the customer.”Robert Spector (Author Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence)


All people-centered winners expertly employ imagery, metaphors and stories. They make you step out of your perceptions, if only for a moment, to explore their vision on their terms. They ask us to “close out eyes“, to “imagine“, and to “think about what it would be like.“  In essence, they’re linguistic tour guides who take you on a journey to their destination — while convincing you that its a place you want to go.

Final Key Tips

Looking up and/or away: Making constant eye contact is difficult for all BUT the most confident people. [Sign-up below to get in-depth knowledge/tips]

Folding your arms: No matter how comfortable it may be, this is a bad visual message to send. [Sign-up below to get in-depth knowledge/tips]

Checking your watch/phone/texting: It’s Rude, disrespectful, and the quickest way to break any bond you might have formed with another person..[Sign-up below to get in-depth knowledge/tips]

If you want to learn all about being a people-centered person, we can personally coach you in our business system. Come join us and learn the skills that will change your life forever.

Don’t you forget - Most people like to talk, they want to tell you what they think and what they want, and they want you to listen. You will win them over if you master the art of being people-centered.

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