Top Tips on Leveraging Social Media to your advantage !

How To Monetize Social Media?

It doesn’t matter what your “business comp plan” is: unilevel, matrix, or binary, Or  How “cutting edge” your products are. Or even if you got in on the “ground floor”. Those are just the details..

The fact is that good direct marketing and personal branding skills will help you attract more people and dramatically boost your income potential no matter what opportunity you are pursuing right now.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the most successful people in this industry are phenomenal Leaders, Marketers and Promoters…

If you are a business owner, Social Media is a great way to start a relationship and engage with your customers in a medium they are already comfortable, and it can be very very rewarding in the long term if you know (if you master) how to use it correctly.

Having a conversation with your prospects allows for transparency and an establishment of trust. Engaging with current clients allows for business development and fosters referrals. If you believe that LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest are a waste of time, you are missing the point, or you don’t own a business.

Primary uses of these most popular social media networks:

Use Facebook to share on a personal level and foster a rapport, organize events, brand your business page.

Use LinkedIn to showcase your professional posture, and establish authority.

Use Twitter to make announcements, draw masses to your Blog.

Use YouTube as a place to distribute your 30 second commercials, or few minutes of tutorials.

Use Flickr to walk people through a production of your product or history of your albums.

Use Meetup to meet new people or attend other networking meetup group events in your local area.

Use Orkut to share on a personal level and foster a rapport, create or join different communities.

There are many ways to use these tools. Just remember that only a HAMMER is used to drive a NAIL most efficiently.  Almost all of these social networking websites allow you to send an automatic update to other websites which makes your life easy. We will cover more on this topic after you meet us on the next page.


I see time and again too many amateur/new marketers come on any social network website and blast their business or product, and other people flee away because of that. Remember, this is a social media, the reason people come here is to socialize and make new connections. Don’t push your business or product at first when you friend them.., first develop a rapport  and then slowly lead them to your blog. Refer to my older blog post – Why Social Media will fail you.

Another big mistake people make unknowingly – They put some other photo or product picture on their profile photo area, or
their own photograph very very small can hardly see..Or too big…  I recommend a good decent photo of your face till the chest  or stomach
area.  Ladies, a decent photo means no curves. We want the potential prospect/customer focusing on your face and fact that when they see your photo it should tell you are a business woman,  not a model.  These days I don’t add anybody in my social media websites unless they have a good profile facial photo. Also, when people have their own photo tells me their self-image is good and they are transparent, and that I can trust them for the most part.

News from GOOGLE about Social Media:

In weeks past, Google had been hinting about the influence of “human social activity” when it relates to your web presence.

Just recently Google announced their new +1 social feature:How To Monetize Social Media?

Long story short, Google intends to use this new feature as a way to measure the quality (and subsequent rankings) of your web presence. Straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth…

When someone recommends something, that’s a pretty good indicator of quality,” said Matt Cutts, Google’s principle engineer for search. “We are strongly looking at using this in our rankings.” said Matt Cutts to AdAge…

Read the full article at AdAge

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Useful Facebook Tips n Tricks

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