The Misunderstood Power Of Ego
The word Ego has reference to all the factors of one’s personality.

Ego is subject to development, guidance and control through voluntary habits — habits which are deliberately and purposely developed.

A great philosopher who devoted his entire life to the study of human body and the mind, provided us with a practical foundation for the study of the ego when he stated:
Your body, whether living or dead, is a collection of millions of little energies that can never die. These energies are separate and individual and at times they act in some degree of harmony.”
“The human body is a drifting mechanism of life, capable but not accustomed to control the forces within, except as habit, will, cultivation or special excitement(through emotion) may marshal these forces to the accomplishment of some important end.

This power of marshaling and using these energies can be cultivated to a high degree in every person.

The air, sunlight, food and water you take are agents of a force which comes from the sky and earth. Most people idly float upon the tide of circumstances to make up their day’s life,.. and the opportunities of becoming something better are drifted beyond their reach and pass away.

The dividing line between success and failure is found at the stage where aimless drifting ceases. (Where Definiteness of Purpose begins).

If you sit down and think for a while, you will be surprised to know how much of you life has been a mere drift. Look at any created life, and see its efforts to express itself. The tree sends its branches towards the sunlight, struggles through its leaves to inhale air, and even underground sends forth its roots in search of water and minerals it needs for food. This you call inanimate life, but it represents a force that comes from some source and operates for some purpose.

There is no place on the globe where energy is not found.

The air is also loaded with it. In the cold north when the sky shines in boreal rays, and wherever the frigid temperature yields to the warmth, the electric conditions may alarm man.
Water is but a liquid union of gases and is charged with electrical, mechanical and chemical energies, any one of which is capable of doing great service and great damage to man. Even Ice in its coldest phase, has energy. Its force has broken mountain rocks into fragments.
This energy about us we are drinking in water, eating in food, and breathing in air. Not a chemical molecule is free from it, nor an atom can exist without it. We are a combination of individual energies.

Man Has Two Forces – Tangible and Intangible

Tangible – In the form of his physical body with its myriad of  individual cells numbering billions, each of which is endowed with intelligence and energy

Intangible – In the form of an Ego -  the organized dictator of the body which may control man’s thoughts and deeds.

Science teaches us the tangible portion of a man worth only a minimum wage by itself.  Add to this tangible portion a well developed and properly organized and controlled Ego, and it will be worth any price the owner sets  upon them.  The Ego is a power that cannot be purchased at any price, but it can be developed and shaped to fit any desired pattern.  Its development takes place through organized habits which are made permanent by the law of Cosmic Habitforce, which carries out the thought-patterns one develops through controlled thought.

One of the major differences between men who make valuable contributions to mankind and those who merely take up space in the world, is mainly a difference in egos, because the ego is the driving force behind all forms of human action.

Liberty and Freedom of body and mind -

These 2 major desires of all people are available in exact proportion to the development and use one makes of the ego. Everyone who has properly related himself to his own ego has both – Liberty and Freedom in whatever proportions he  desires.  A man’s ego determines the manner in which he relates himself to all other people. Ego is man’s greatest asset or his greatest liability. The ego is the sum total of one’s thought habits which have been fastened upon him through the automatic operation of the law of cosmic habitforce.

Every highly successful person possesses a well-developed and highly disciplined ego. Another factor associated with the ego is Self-Control which determines its potency for good or evil.  Self-Control allows you to transmute its power into any desired purpose.

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Why is all this important to you in Business ?

Business means networking and meeting new people, developing a team and a big organization. None of that can happen if your Ego and Habits drive people away from you.. !

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There are 2 ways of relating one’s self to life: One is that of playing horse while life rides. The other is that of becoming the rider while life plays horse.
The choice as to whether one becomes the horse or the rider is the privilege of every person, but this much is certain – If one does not choose to become the rider of life, he is sure to be forced to become the horse…

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