Whatever is on your mind, you are talking about it!

Most of the time you are talking to yourself…murmuring. Thoughts playing in your mind and those thoughts become things. To change your life, you have to change your thinking. To change your thinking you have to change the words. Speaking the right words will replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Develop a set of positive words that breathes life into you and energizes you and attract thoughts, events and people to help you achieve your goals.

Here is a sample self talk.


I am a great human being. I was born to win. I was designed to win. I am a winner. I am a dreamer. I am a doer. It is the best time to be alive. I like me. I give my best in everything I do. I am proud of my accomplishments. I am a goal setter and a go-getter. I decide my attitude. I am always above my problems. I am a problem solver. I enjoy paying the price. I am cool, calm and confident in my abilities. God made me. I am a winner. I will and I shall. I shall not be denied. My mind is strong.

I respect and appreciate others and build them up. I am happy, I am strong. I am a winner. I am a big dreamer. I act like a winner, talk like a winner, walk like a winner and do everything like a winner. I am bold and confident. I have a winning personality. I love being with people, I love being with friends. Everyone I meet likes me. I am fun to be around. I am excited. Excitement follows me around. Everyone I meet is excited.

I am enthusiastic about my business. I have a Billion-dollar business. The sun never sets on my business. I enjoy paying the price for my dreams. I am the biggest dreamer walking the face of the earth. I love challenges and opportunities to grow. My business is experiencing super natural growth. Things are always good and getting better. I give thanks to everything that happens in my life.

I am a total success. I like who I am and I am getting better. I love being in great shape. I enjoy exercising and staying in shape. I have an action plan to achieve my goals. I welcome my struggles. I am a go-getter and I deserve to win. I am cool and strong under stress. I get what I go for.

(For couples – I love and cherish my wife/husband. My wife/husband and I have an incredible relationship)

I am becoming a great leader. I love my business associates. I respect my mentor. I do whatever it takes to reach my goals and give all I got to pursue our goals. I love my family. I am patient and appreciative of others. I am quick to praise and slow to find fault in others.

I am experiencing super natural growth in the business. I meet young, sharp, smiling, easy to work with, upwardly mobile couples and singles everyday. I personally sponsor sharp, young, ambitious couples and singles every week and becoming core right away. Sponsoring is a piece of cake. Everybody I show the plan to is getting in and becoming CORE right away.

I am an expert at creating volume and building relationships. I set an example by doing at least 50/150 every month which in turn helps me earn all the fast track bonuses – the $50 check, the $100 check, the $200 check and yes, the $1000 check. Everyone getting in my team are doing 50/150 and earning all the fast track bonuses. Fast Track is the right thing to do to build a balanced and profitable business. I set a great example for others to follow. I teach what I do.

I am building a solid long lasting business by getting Eagle, Double Eagle and Ultimate Eagle done. I am setting a great example for my team to follow. My numbers are doubling from function to function..volume is doubling, standing orders are doubling, function attendance is doubling from function to function. I am an Eagle factory because that is the right thing to do to build a long lasting business.

I have the most unified, profitable, excited, growing, diversified, ambitious group in the history of the world. I am an expert at working width and depth. I am showing 20+ plans every month in width and depth. I am relentlessly personally sponsoring sharp and ambitious people in width and depth until I have 15 growing legs. That is the right thing to do for myself, my family and my team.

I do all things that strengthen me. Everything I touch turns into gold. I relentlessly pursue my goals and enjoy paying the price. I am experiencing super natural growth and everyone in my business is experiencing super natural growth. I am a diamond, I am a diamond, I am a diamond. If someone does not like it, they can hide in the bushes and watch. This caravan is moving on. That’s it. Period!

If you want to learn more how to control your mind and to win in the game of life – fill this form and come on in!

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