Listening With Empathy

How Listening With Empathy Connects You With People

Top achievers have long demonstrated an ability to connect (listening) with people on an emotional level.
To speak to their concerns and lend opportunity to their ambition, it is important to understand
the meaningful shift in the modern day American mindset.
Unfortunately, many people look to the future with uncertainty rooted in deep economic anxiety and pessimism.
  • More than 4 in 10 Americans believe that 44%  our best days are  behind us..
  • Over 50% of Americans believe that their children’s quality of life will be Worse than theirs
  • Over 50% M Americans believe the US economy is getting worse.
When communicating your business opportunity, context is crucial.
You must demonstrate a unique understanding of their challenges and empathy for their fears.
Within the context of the concerns they share, our business offers a unique and powerful alternative.
Again, context  is crucial and you better be listening to their emotional needs.

Ask Questions and speak to their Sentiments.

At the beginning of your Business/Marketing Plan presentation,  talk with emotion
and understanding / listening about the differences between peoples’ expectations and reality
in their everyday lives.
While you may not immediately connect with people who think they are doing “OK,”
remember that almost half of all 18-to-49 year old’s are worried that they will
NEVER reach their financial goals.
They are quietly angry and disillusioned.  You’ve got to be listening to and speaking to those sentiments.
Now more than ever, you need to communicate in a gentle, understanding, and empathetic manner.

Above all, do not simply talk,

Make sure you are listening. Ask Questions. Engage them. Pull them in.

For example:

Give them a chance to speak.  A chance to articulate their anxiety. Have a conversation with them listening to their feelings.

I promise you will find that their skepticism will soon be replaced by interest and open minds.

Listening With Empathy

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