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Who Is Your Coach?
Major plus for IBOs in our business!

You have an upline coach/mentor who has a vested interest in your success!

One of the reasons and an important reason you will became a top achiever  is because you were willing to be COACHED by your uplines..
We have to especially thank our mentors for personalized coaching. They know us and our business more than anybody in our upline and also we had built a mutual relationship in which they had total freedom to challenge us and correct us. But, we had to seek the information necessary to grow ourselves and our business. We had to setup a time to meet with them, be in regular touch with them and more importantly engage them in a conversation that could reveal their wisdom. To become successful you should ask good questions because they result in good answers.

Here is my write up on Coaching and importance of Coaching in becoming successful!


Coaching is a highly focused process that unlocks potential and maximizes performance. It’s a formal system that produces positive, lasting change.

Conducted one-on-one in a collaborative, confidential environment, coaching provides an opportunity to gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations, and become more self-reliant, so you can fully tap into your strengths.


A Personal Coach is someone who can help you ignite your full potential!

A Coach facilitates critical new insights, enabling you to set targeted goals and take deliberate action. Coaching assists you in seeing where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. It challenges you to accomplish more and to contribute more.


A Coach is someone who:
- Helps you break through limiting fears and beliefs
- Encourages you to pursue your dreams
- Helps you problem solve and find solutions
- Keeps you focused and motivated
- Supports you in all you do!


A Coach is will help people figure out what they want most from life, and how to achieve it. Think of it as hiring your own personal “life consultant.” Most of us already have ideas on what areas of our lives we would like to change or improve: career, relationships, health and fitness (or possibly all of the these). Rather than dispense generic advice, a Coach will listen to your individual needs, and work with you in the development of a specific plan of action. As a result, you will set and achieve bigger and better goals. Having a Coach challenges you to do more than you would have done on your own, and provides the tools, support and structure that ensures your success!
A Coach is very action oriented and asks you WHAT you are willing to do, WHEN will you do it, and HOW will you get it done. A Coach will hold you accountable. And, while deep empathetic listening is central to coaching and coaching focuses on moving you forward in life. The direction is always forward as you overcome obstacles and continually move toward your personal and professional goals.

I hope this will help you to grow fast in your business.



Life Coach

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