Jump Start A New Fiscal YearHAPPY NEW Fiscal YEAR!!!


12 Pointers to Jump Start A New Fiscal Year

1. Refresh your dreams. Have a family meeting. Go build your dream – whatever motivates you. A dream is something that inspires you to work!! A dream is something that will keep you awake!! A dream is something that gives you endless energy!!

2. Connect or Re-connect with a mentor. Give them a call. Let them know you need guidance to achieve your dreams. Setup a time to meet in person or on skype. Develop a game plan to achieve your dreams by setting goals.

3. Avoid distractions. Make a decision to invest your time and money wisely to achieve your dreams and goals. Guard your time and money.

4. Be healthy and fit. Decide and act to achieve your goal to be fit this fiscal year and in the future.  I suggest get your Genetic test kit and find out exactly what your body needs.

5. Start a background process of having 7 LOCAL legs associating but start working on having 4 legs this year. Solid 4 LOCAL legs with growth every month in Sponsoring, Volume, Standing Orders and Association numbers. Eat, live and breathe 4legs and then 7legs. A leg has multiple IBOs associating in it and not just one IBO.

6. Get Eagle (2500pv), Double Eagle (4000pv) and Ultimate Eagle (Q12). Silver is 25 Standing Orders and Platinum 35 Standing Orders. Ultimate Eagle – 40 Core People = $50,000 with monthly and annual bonuses!!! Eat, live and breathe these numbers

7. Start a few people (3-4) in a leg to teach the NEW IBO the basics of building a successful business. Encourage a NEW IBO to learn PASS – Products (150pv), Associate (1 or 2 places a week or as much as they can), Standing Order (get on standing order program, listen to CDs) and Show the Plan (build a list, proper invites, napkin plan).

8. Tap root program is not to have NEW IBOs put all their contacts in ONE leg. That is not MENTORSHIP program!  A seasoned IBO, should think plural and work on multiple TAP ROOT’s. 3 TAP ROOTS FOR PLATINUM FIRST AND THEN EMERALD, 6 TAP ROOTS FOR DIAMOND.  Always work on improving your leadership skills.

9. Encourage NEW IBOs who are “PASS” qualified to start their 2nd and 3rd leg to lay the foundation or Eagle. Counsel Upline if you are in doubt when to encourage a NEW IBO to start a 2nd or 3rd leg. Program every NEW IBO or IBO for Eagle as the basic building block. That is the right mentorship program. To be an effective mentor, you want to qualify as Eagle so that you can teach from experience. Until you are an Eagle, get the help of an upline Eagle.

10. NEW IBOs who start doing PASS, eventually become CORE and start doing 9-5-3-BIB, learn the cardinal rules, etc. Allow people to make mistakes and learn the business. Teach 2 cardinal rules that affect the most to NEW IBOs – don’t do anything for the first time without checking upline, don’t pass negative downline or express fear/doubt loudly. Eventually they will learn all the 6 cardinal rules as they build their team.

11. Success does not happen overnight. There is DREAM, STRUGGLE and PRIZE! Be prepared to face challenges, setbacks. It is part of becoming successful. Start your journey with courage and faith. With upline’s friendship and guidance and most importantly with God, all things are possible.

12. Become a Peak Performer and a WINNER. Don’t settle for the average in any area of your life. A WINNER is someone who works harder when things don’t happen to MAKE things happen. A WINNER is not waiting for a hand out. He is willing to lend his hand. A WINNER controls his actions and attitude which are in his control and does not WORRY about others actions and attitude. He knows that he will WIN eventually and therefore does not mind PAYING THE FULL PRICE.

YOU CAN DO IT!!! Only you can jump start your future.



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