World’s Largest Network Marketing company Launches its operations now in JAMAICA !

Starting September 1st 2010, Addition of this Caribbean Island expands existing North American market.

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We are pleased to announce that our business opportunity will be available in Jamaica beginning September 1, 2010. It’s exciting to see the expansion of the flagship market of North America with the authorization of this Caribbean island. Jamaica will be an extension of the existing island markets in the Miscellaneous Atlantic and Caribbean (M.A.C.) region, authorized under the U.S. Sales and Marketing Plan.

Jamaican distributors will have the same opportunities and responsibilities that North Americans have, as set forth in the Contract, The Compensation Plan, Growth Incentive program (GI), and Fast Track program. Bonus payments will be calculated the same as set out in the U.S. Sales and Marketing Plan. Jamaican distributors will have the option of receiving bonus checks by mail or direct deposit into a designated U.S. bank account.

We need your help in spreading the news with everyone you know in Jamaica, or know people who know people in Jamaica.

I know some very ambitious and successful Jamaicans in our industry and I know there are many more hungry to succeed, hungry for the right opportunity.

If you are interested in starting your home based E-Commerce Business in Jamaica or know someone who is interested, enter your full name, email, number, and I will get in touch with you.

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Next step is for you to meet with our business team and
learn the details of the compensation plan and learn about
our strategic partnerships. Find out where and when you can
meet successful local business leaders.

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