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Few Inches Away From Gold

Most people start a business and feel exactly like Will..

Will said - “I definitely want to be successful, but I just don’t seem to be getting anywhere.”

Will’s mentor Dan was thoughtful for a moment before he responded – “I’d like to share with you one of the main reasons, and maybe the most important one, why only 5% of people attain success and why the rest fail to reach their potential.”

Will added – “You might earn your way to a million dollars, yet in reality, you still may not have achieved success.”

Will looked at him, somewhat bewildered.  He remembered the famous – ‘Success is a journey, and not a destination‘.

Dan stated with great conviction – “Success is a way of life that you will continue as long as you live. Its about discovering your ultimate purpose and pursuing it with everything you have and everything you do.  The lesson I’m talking about and want to share with you today is about never giving up, about having the courage not to quit, even when you feel you have no other choice.”

Will found himself physically pushing his body back into the chair in reaction to such a powerful statement. He remembered his frustrations and his thoughts about giving up. I am here for a reason, and I must pay attention, he prodded himself.

The most common cause of failure is Quitting.

Here’s a story of Darby who learned a very costly lesson:

Darby’s uncle had been struck by gold fever.

He’d traveled west to get rich in the mining business. This would-be prospector had many more hopes than solutions with a proper plan. He had not invested the time to learn how to do what he wanted to accomplish. He just wanted to find gold. Neither did he study mining nor learn from others about the proper way to mine or even the travails of mining. He simply staked a claim and went to work with his pick and shovel.

Fortunately, after weeks of manual labor, Darby’s uncle was rewarded with the discovery of gold, and lots of it! While it was a good problem to have, he quickly realized that he really wasn’t prepared. He needed machinery to remove the enormous amount of heavy rocks and dirt that covered the shining ore.

Knowing that the machinery would cost money that he didn’t have, he carefully covered up the mine and traveled back to his home in Maryland. He boasted of the tremendous wealth of gold that lay in the ground just waiting for his return. It didn’t take long to persuade his family and friends to invest toward the needed machinery.  Sure enough, when the first gold was retrieved it was high quality ore and promised to be one of the richest gold discoveries in Colorado. He was convinced that they all were about to make a huge fortune.

Then.. Tragedy struck… the gold simply disappeared. Will set his pen down, mentally kicking himself.  If he had actually invested some time to read the first chapter of the book, he would have already gotten it…  They just wanted gold, they were after money. They had never studied the art of gold mining and had no true passion for the business of mining.., so they didn’t know what to do next except to keep digging.  With their impatience and lack of knowledge, it wasn’t long before they became totally frustrated and disillusioned. They kept digging but found no more ore. Their dissatisfaction got the best of them and they decided to quit.

Story gets real interesting now..Few Inches Away From Gold

They sold their mine and equipment to a local junkman for a few hundred dollars.  Now, for years this junkman had been looking for an opportunity to break into the mining industry. He had studied mining for over a decade and had always believed that it was his destiny.  This junkman hired a mining engineer to inspect the claim and together they discovered what is known as a fault line. He explained that gold ran in long veins and that the previous owners had simply drilled through one side of the vein and come out the other. The engineer explained that if the junkman were to go back and dig in the other direction perpendicular to the old location, he would most likely tap back into the treasure.  Sure enough he hit one of the largest pockets of ore uncovered – a mere few inches away from where the Darbys had quit mining.

This junkman succeeded with millions of dollars of gold, where Darby failed because of  2 things – his determination to fulfill his life’s purpose of becoming a gold miner and, of course, his willingness to seek expert advice.

Giving up too soon, or quitting will always cost you a fortune.

Before great success comes, you will surely meet with temporary defeat.

You are right now few feet away, or few clicks away from the Golds that you desire in your life.

Few Inches Away From Gold


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