We all hunger for a little praise.

Hungry For Praise

We want to know we are doing well, and are valued.
Positive reinforcement is not about
hearts and flowers and just being nice to people.
Its about giving them feedback that makes them
want to keep doing what they’re doing.
Years ago when my uncle got a dog, Buddy the Boxer, he liked
to run the household on his terms. Translation: he liked to chew up
everything and poop or pee whenever and wherever
he wanted. Many peoples first reaction is to want to scold a
puppy, but in puppy training class they teach that doing so
doesn’t work. In fact, they tell you that as soon as your puppy
does something good, praise it. This way, the puppy will keep
doing that good thing.
I thought if it works on pooches, how about people?
I am here to report to you, it works! People are also
hungry for praise.
Sometimes the reason people get so jaded in life and work is
due to lack of praise or recognition. They feel like a number
in a computer, and not someone important and valued.

All people love to know they are valued—

and that what they do makes a significant difference.
You can’t go wrong by making others feel significant.
Don t wait until the company’s annual banquet to praise someones
efforts; do it on the spot with sincerity and authenticity.
One day, someone held a door open for me. I praised this by saying, Thank you,
I love when people are so nice I hold the door for others”
He smiled and accepted the praise. what he will do and be happy to do again?
Hold the door for someone.

Praise is a special form of recognition that feels good

and lets others know they are meaningful.
You don’t have to feel weird praising others.
Try to praise three people a day, and
you will find that it is actually fun to do.
You will also start to look for the good work
and efforts in others. It enriches attitude and relationships.
Start looking for the good in others, and reinforce
the behavior with authentic praise.
Years ago, as I was doing a sound check for a seminar,
there was a young man named Joe there who
had volunteered to help me set up.
We worked together for about an hour.
When we were done, I told him, “Curt, you
keep doing what you do. You are a rock star!
Thank you so much for your time and effort in
helping me get all set up today’
He began to tear up.
He said, “you are the first person ever to thank and
compliment me on my work around here.”
That just means so much to me.”

A little praise can go a long way.

Praise truly is a gift of attitude!

It works wonders when you are building a business team.

It costs nothing to praise, and everything to gain.., but sure you will need to
look for the good in others by keeping your eyes and ears open.


Best regards,

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