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Our Servicing Corporation is the Largest, most Successful, most Respected and most Misunderstood businesses on the planet.

People who say they know all about us, know nothing about our company, and they don’t know what they don’t know.

No other business in this industry comes close to the Experience, the Success, the Leadership or the Legacy of our Business. There are people today, who are making money in our business today, from the work their grand parents did 50 years ago. That is a Legacy that no other business in this industry can even come close to.
So when you hear about all the new, “just like us only better”, that’s plain nonsense. Now again, sometimes there are people who believe nonsense instead of common sense.

For 50 Years we have been producing products that are good value to the customer. And those customers have repeatedly ordered those products and referred other people to buy our products. So this is not some flash in the pans, or some trendy miracle juice or something people buy for few weeks or months.
For 50 Years we have also been a good profit for the Business Owners.
Those are a great combination – When the products give good value to the customer, and good profit for the Business Owner – The Customer stays happy, the Business Owner stays in Business!

Our Business Model is considered the most ideal in this industry, and the Federal Trade Commission refers to our model when analyzing other similar businesses within our industry.

Some Facts & Figures

-- 50 Years of success and growing
-- Completely Debt-Free, No credit dependency. Privately held.
-- $8.2 Billion total sales last fiscal year (2008-2009)
-- Dun & Bradstreet rating of 5A1
    (Only 1% of US companies enjoy such a rating)
-- Better Business Bureau's highest rating.
-- Member of Direct Selling Association.
-- Member of the Chamber of Commerce.
-- Operates in 78+ countries worldwide.

-- Employ 300 scientists, over 700  patents.
-- 100% money back guarantee on all products.
-- Green Products
-- Within Top 20  eCommerce Websites
-- Latest Web 2.0 Portal Technology

-- Over 3 Million Distributors

We were Green long before Green was in:

Recognized internationally with several awards for our environmental policies and initiatives.

  • United Nations Environment Programme Achievement Award In 1989, the United Nations recognized Amway Global for promoting environmental education and awareness, and for encouraging youth to make the environment a priority.
  • United Earth Honor In 1993, our servicing corporation received a Certificate of Commendation from United Earth in recognition of significant contributions to the cause of the environment. The Earth prizes were established in 1991 to honor environmental leadership and humanitarian excellence.
  • Read our entire Environmental Stewardship.

Founder’s Statement :

“We will always support the fundamental freedom of people to determine their own future, allowing them the time and the resources to protect and nurture their family. In addition we will always offer hope to individuals and the opportunity to receive rewards in proportion to their efforts.”

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