I am writing this post to express what I am noticing about people who develop a loyal following…

How To Develop a Loyal Following

You will get a lot out of this post if you consider yourself as a leader and WHY should you need a loyal following. There is no doubt that wealth, success, fame, etc. are by products of  loyal followers behind you.

But before you can expect to have a loyal following, you need to be a loyal follower yourself.

People who develop a loyal following are…

1. Passionate.

2. They think from their “heart” most of the times.

3. They invest time and money in people – relentlessly.  They do not quit on people.

4. They are Genuine.

5. They have a great Work Ethic. There is a vacuum behind them as they are running fast.

6. They have Learned to laugh with their team.

7. They treat their wives as their partners

8. They are Self Driven Dreamers – circumstance do not control them – they control the circumstances.

9. They are Builders of people. They develop Leaders.

10. They exercise Faith.

11. They are Fiercely Loyal & Fiercely Independent.

12. They Serve the Bigger Team.

13. There is a Twinkle in their eyes – that lets the world know that they are on Purpose.

14. Trust is the first word that people “Feel” when they are around them.

15. They realize when they are down in the Valley, and know Not to make decisions there….

16. They adapt to Change quickly. They know forward progress cannot happen without Change.

We become leaders and find other leaders. Once we find them we let them lead their teams. We are looking for Fiercely Loyal & Fiercely Independent people.

A good leader knows how to take charge and also knows the importance of empowerment. In our business, one of the keys to a large, successful business is the process of empowerment. In a new market, the new IBO is automatically empowered because there are no big pins to take center stage, and are often forced into a leadership position. This may be an issue for someone who has not developed the skills to lead a growing group- on the other hand, it quickly empowers the potential leader and lets him/her take charge of his/her future.

We offer a complete “life improvement” package. Making money is just one component in our opportunity. We have been around since 52 years building leaders across the globe.

Do you want to create a Loyal Following?

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