Did you know most doctors have no clue on vitamins and supplementation ?

And most Doctors wouldn’t even care to go that path because they would be out of business if everyone went on preventive care and no one got sick A Healthy Approach to Living

Except for this one Doctor I know – Dr. Chet. I have a special message from Dr. Chet about why Nutrilite Vitamins are the best in the world. This man has dedicated his life to wellness and nutrition.

Don’t get me wrong, we need and we admire all what doctor’s do to cure sick people. But it makes doctors even more special if they only knew how to take care of the root cause and prevent the disease or sickness from happening in the first place.

Can we get all the nutrients from our daily food that we eat ? – Possible, only if we eat organically grown vegetables, fruits, grains & meat. And preferably eaten within a few hours of harvest, and if we were physically active enough to eat that many calories, oh and if our pockets could afford such an expensive healthy diet, not to forget the time it would take everyday to cook!!  -  Ain’t happening if you working a job.

Dr. Chet can prove it to you that if you could eat a diet that would meet the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) as established by the US FDA, it would probably contain more calories than our body needs given our current activity levels. And that’s just the nutrients we need to avoid illness. To get an optimal amount of nutrients? -  Ain’t happening if you working a job. -  Ain’t happening if you don’t have a farm in your backyard.

Need I say anything more on why you need Vitamins & food supplements ?

Are you prepared to take action today?

Dr. Chet

A Healthy Approach to Living
“Scientist. Speaker. Author. I’d like to stop right there because I don’t like talking about myself, but you may want to know more. I have a simple philosophy: if people read or hear what I have to say about health and aren’t convinced in a few minutes that I know what I’m talking about, shame on me. It doesn’t mean they agree with me, but they should recognize that I’m knowledgeable in my area of expertise. My strength is in my ability to explain complex scientific health concepts and translate them into simple lifestyle changes that my readers and listeners can use to improve their health.”

Good health is a choice.
I’m here to help you choose wisely.

There are many organizations and websites that are dedicated to helping save people’s lives; it’s admirable, but that’s not possible. Every person has to make the decision to save his or her own life by making the right lifestyle choices every day. It’s not easy. Fast food, drive-thrus, television commercials, convenience foods, refined foods, and portion sizes as large as Connecticut make maintaining a reasonable body weight challenging. Work, kids, voice mail, yard work, volunteer work, email, spending time with your family and making time for exercise seem impossible. The deck seems to be stacked against us.

Then there’s the news. Every day, what’s good for you seems to change. First, drinking water is good, then it’s bad, then it’s good again. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who understands the science, sorts through all the studies, and tells you what’s real—what’s based on science and what’s not? That’s what I do.

Add to this mix an attitude typical of many men: whatever’s wrong, they have to tough it out. And women often take care of everyone else first and themselves last. Funny thing about a heart attack—you can’t just walk it off, and you can’t wait until later to deal with it.

The result of all these influences:

We don’t live as long
and we don’t live as healthily as we should.

So let’s work together to change that end point. Let’s get healthier for ourselves, our families, and our communities. It all comes down to a single question:

What are you prepared to do today?

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