Growing People, Building People

Growing People.. Building People.

We are in a people business.

Everyone’s business involves people but ours is special because we don’t hire people but people join us. We are a volunteer army.

Leadership. Not Management.

To have a large organization and to become financially free, one has to become leaders and not managers. We have to see people where they can be and not where they are. We have to be patient with others and impatient with ourselves. One has to become shock absorbers to absorb other people’s complaints & tantrums to diffuse the situation. You have to give ample room for people to grow and provide them an environment where failure is not fatal.

When to Correct people?

We should not speak our mind and hold back advice/criticism until someone is ready to receive it. When you correct people before they are ready or you have not built enough relationship with them, you will push people out of the business.

Learn how to make corrections in people by watching an upline leader do it. The only time you need to do the kind of “put your foot down” correction and that too privately is when someone violates cardinal rules. When someone violates cardinal rules they are not only hurting their business but they are also hurting someone else’s business.

Don’t make “changing” other people your life’s agenda.

Everyone has their growth curve and you can’t control that. Since no one works for us, we cannot make them do something out of fear; you have to give reason for them to change and become the best they can be.

Know what people want and help them get it. Meet people at their needs. When you have a lot of people whose needs are being met and getting what they want, you will get what you want!

Helping other people grow can become life’s greatest joy!

Helping other people discover their potential and excel, is worth mastering the art of dealing with people!

What are the other simple common sense things you can do with people to create a United Loyal Team ?

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