Government ShutdownGovernment Shutdown – A Deal in the final hour..

If this were to happen again, WOULD YOU HAVE A BACKUP PLAN ?

My guess is “NO”  …for 99% of people trapped in this another would have been a massive round of layoffs, by the US Government..

You thought your government job is safe and secure ? Think again.  There is no such thing as job security. As long as you work in the capacity of an employee, you are going to be forced to dance to the owner’s tune. Period!

READ BELOW the gist of what was communicated from the White House..

“Throughout the discussions about funding for the rest of the fiscal year, the President has made it clear that he does not want a government shutdown, and the Administration is willing and ready to work day and night to find a solution with which all sides can agree.  Given the realities of the calendar, however, prudent management requires that we plan for an orderly shutdown should Congress be unable to pass a funding bill.

The President knows that the uncertainty of the current situation puts Federal employees in a difficult position.  We understand what’s at stake – for the individuals who work, their families, and the businesses and citizens who count on your help.

For now, we want to provide you with information on how the potential government shutdown – should it occur – will impact Federal employees.

As soon as funding lapses, Federal departments and agencies will not be permitted to incur further financial obligations performing activities funded by annual appropriations, except those related to the orderly suspension of operations or performance of excepted activities.  This means that some employees will be furloughed and unable to work.  Our contingency planning for the potential funding lapse includes determining which agency functions are excepted from a furlough.  Should it become necessary to implement our contingency plans, you will receive formal notice from your manager  regarding the designation of your position and furlough status.”

Bottom Line is — You’re FIRED !!

In other words – You will suffer for the mistakes your government made, the one you most likely voted for…

And if you are like me, I don’t take no junk from nobody.  That’s why I took advantage of a business opportunity few years ago, and honestly that’s the reason why I am not at all stressed by the government shutdown.

I control the shots, I control the circumstances in my life, not anyone else.

In our business there are no layoffs, we are always hiring. Want to know why? read on..

If you think enough is enough, if you feel betrayed by the layoffs, if you are sick n tired of being sick n tired, and if you want to look in the mirror tomorrow and see the Boss, I know i’m going to meet you on the next page – Fill in the form below and join our fight to freedom.

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