XS Affiliate Partner Program

As much as you want to learn more about our Energy Drink Affiliate Partner Program, we also want to make sure you meet certain qualification criteria. We are looking for people who have a great Attitude, Open Minded, Teachable, Accountable and want to leverage the power of Internet.

We are looking for YOUNG, ENERGETIC, AMBITIOUS people with an INSANE Drive to Succeed!

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To become our Affiliate Partner, pre-register here:

  1. Fill in the Form below and click the red button — “I am Interested, I want to Pre-Register
  2. The next page that comes up (Pre-Registration Step 2) is password protected. Make sure to check your email. That email will have your temporary password which you can enter to see that page.  Complete your Pre-Registration by following the final instructions on that page.
  3. From that point on simply call me on 1-267-446-3722 or email me kfb@worldimart.com to request your password to access and understand our Business Model and Income Options with XS Energy Drinks, finish your Business Registration and start earning PROFITS Today !

If you get stuck or have any questions during the above 3 steps, feel free to call me 1-267-446-3722 or email me kfb@worldimart.com

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Make sure you check your email for your password, after you submit this form.

XS Affiliate Partner Program

XS Affiliate Partner Program

Want more info about our Energy Drinks ?  .. keep reading below..

We are expanding our Energy-Drink Franchises for our Revolutionary ENERGY DRINKS - Great Tasting, Healthy, Sugar-free, Carb-free, almost Calorie-free Energy Drink, packed with Vitamins, Acai & Mangosteen!

  • Operate your entire business online from your work or home.
  • A Business model that allows you to leverage Social Media & Internet
  • Personal one-on-one training, online coaching.
  • Profit potential that will blow your mind : $3K/m, $6K/m, $10K/m, $15K/m, $25K/m and beyond!
  • Market an Energy Drink which is already at the #2 top selling in America !
  • A magnetic product very easy to show and carry around and demo for offline marketing
  • B2B & B2C markets wide open for you to capitalize on
  • Opportunity to market and sell other exclusive products and services that we offer

After Energy Drink’s birth in the US in 1997, this market grew to about 400 million per fiscal year by the year 2001. By 2005, it had reached about $4 billion and now that it’s growing at an annual rate of approximately 12%, it is projected to surpass the $9 billion mark by 2011.   How much of that will go to your pocket ??