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Inherent Health Genetic Tests

Inherent Health offers an affordable line of Genetic Tests that examines your DNA to give personalized recommendations for a healthier you. We offer tests in the following areas:

  • Weight Management
  • Heart Health
  • Nutritional Needs
  • Bone Health

Inherent Health is a health and wellness brand of genetic tests from Interleukin Genetics that empower consumers to help prevent some of the chronic diseases of aging through diet and lifestyle recommendations uniquely based on insights from a trusted source of genetic research. Results from the Inherent Health line of genetic tests provide individuals with a clear understanding of their genetic profile as it relates to a particular health concern, a summary of the role those genes have on their present health and steps to improve their future health outcomes. Our genetic tests cover areas such as weight management, better nutrition, heart disease, periodontal disease, and osteoporosis.

The Answers You Need to Take Control of Your Health

Thanks to new advances in genetic science, you can finally discover the exact steps you need to improve your health.  Because genetics play a major role in predisposition to diseases, our tests provide important personalized information that will help you live healthier, based on your genotype.

Take one simple, proactive step right now and get clear recommendations that will last your lifetime.

Genetic Tests from Inherent Health give you:

  • Personalized recommendations matched to your genotypes, so you know what’s right for your health
  • FREE consultation with a licensed, board-certified Genetic Professional – yours at no charge
  • FREE informational DVD, including the featurette “Genetics and Your Health” and more
  • FREE processing in our secure, CLIA-certified lab
  • FREE Postage and 2-Day FedEx shipping of your test results, so you can get your answers faster
  • Valuable Test Report and Results Booklet, written in clear, everyday language - not scientific jargon
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