There is no more noble occupation in the world, than to assist another human being and to help some one to the point where they can succeed and be all they want to be.

Nobody taught me this in school or college -

One of the greatest laws in the universe is the law sowing and reaping -

Put another way, what you sow in life, you also reap

We see this sowing principle in action all around us.

People who live generous, giving lives often receive

great rewards. Great friends attract equally great

friendships. And those who are lazy, more often than not,

live a life that’s wasteful and unfulfilled.

Since the beginning of creation farmers have cultivated crops by

this same principle. They would never expect a crop which they

hadn’t planted in the first place. It is the same in our lives.


Robert Kiyosaki in his brilliant book “Rich Dad’ poor Dad”

states “Whatever you want in life, you have to give it away first.”


Isn’t it amazing that the things you give away often return to you?

When you give something away you will always get something better in return!

Never miss the opportunity to give. Never disregard those heart-felt

prompts, because what may seem silly to you might mean everything to someone else.

Giving need not be just in monetary terms, you can also give your time, your effort, heart..

Use your common sense and judgement when giving. Giving or helping someone more than their ability to self help is going to back fire.


Seeds Turn into Harvests

I heard a man once say that one can count the seeds

in an apple, but cannot count the apples in a seed.

What seeds of opportunity are you creating for other people?

Opportunities don’t just happen; they are created.

We create opportunities when we share them,

when we show them and when we give them away.

We often think entrepreneurs are only creating wealth for themselves,

when in fact they are also creating many opportunities for others.

A successful venture creates job opportunities, wealth opportunities and opportunities for

people to buy homes, not to mention  opportunities for them to educate their children

and create a future. Successful businesses help others fulfill their dreams.


Anybody who has a harvest of prosperity today, has sown seeds in the near past.

Former Chrysler Corporation chairman, Lee lacocca said,

“In the end all business operations can be reduced to three words –

people, product and prof’its. People come first.”

A key to making the most of opportunity is to know that we must also create

opportunities for others.

Brian Tracy, author of Maximum Achievement said,

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others,

unsuccessful people are always asking what’s in it for me?”


We create opportunities by networking with other people.

Networking is people working together for self betterment.

I enjoy being connected. I have lost count of the times I have

been able to connect other people.

Perhaps it was a printer who needed a great

graphic artist, or a great graphic artist who needed someone to print something.

Perhaps it was someone who was looking for an opportunity to become successful,

and I had the opportunity to link him with someone who has been financially successful.

Many times I have been able to help young people struggling with addictions

and crisis in their life meet someone who has overcome similar difficulties. Their triumph

has provided inspiration for those young people. This

is connecting people together. It is the art of networking.

We must learn the art of working together. Its the power of synergy,

where the total sum is greater than the individual parts.

No man or woman will ever be a success by him or her self.

We must learn the art the engine, the transmission and every other

individual part that makes up the car working together is very useful.

Synergy is the power of each individual part working together.

We can do more collectively, with co-operation and with an interconnection,

much more than we ever could just on our own.


That’s the very reason we have tremendous success in our business.

We work together in synergy with all our associates and everyone who chooses to work with us, succeeds. In our business you automatically find yourself in the “giving” position before you can start reaping the rewards. Come join us on our life long journey of Giving to freedom, family, hope and reward.


Best regards,

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