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How our Gift Collections Work

Who? Everyone wants to give the perfect gift.

What? The gift giver chooses the Gift Collection to give. The recipient chooses the gift he or she wants online and redeems it. The selected gift is delivered directly to the recipient.

When? Birthdays, weddings, new baby, hostess/thank you, holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day. And many, many more personal occasions are perfect for Gift Collections!

Why? Popular brand names like adidas®, Sony®, Ghirardelli®, Cuisinart®, and more. Huge selection of home décor, gourmet foods, electronics, educational toys, jewelry, and more. Fast and easy ordering and redemption. Ribbon Gift Collections are a joy to give, a pleasure to receive.

Always the perfect gift because:
• Recipients get to choose their own gift.
• Gift Collections include the most popular brands and items people really want.
• There’s a Gift Collection to fit any budget from $30 to $1,000.
• It makes gift giving nearly effortless and more personal than cash.
• FREE shipping is always included. This offer doesn’t expire!
• Gifts and Gift Cards come with a 180-day Satisfaction Guarantee,no matter what.

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B2B  - If you own a company or know other business owners who would like to take advantage of this incentive program:

Reward.  Motivate.  Incentivize !

How our Gift Collections Work for Businesses

Who? Customers, vendors, employees. Every time you give a token of appreciation for loyal customers, productive employees, or a job well done, you are forging a strong future for your business.

What? Our Gift Collections are a versatile solution to every reward your company will ever need. And it’s effortless for you. Twenty-one Gift Cards match 21 unique collections of items at price points from $30 to $1,000, that the recipient never need know. The recipient receives a beautifully presented Gift Card, they choose the gift they’d like, and redeem it at The gift is delivered to their door. Your staff has no follow-up, no paperwork, no hidden fees. We take care of everything – you get all the thanks.

When? Years-of-service awards, safety awards, productivity awards, customer or sales staff promotional events, customer appreciation, new customer welcome, holiday, and more.

Why? Because you’re giving a personal Gift Collection that says “thoughtful.” Gift Collections include popular brand names like adidas®, Sony®, Ghirardelli®, Cuisinart®, and more. Impressive selections of home décor, gourmet foods, electronics, toys, jewelry, recreational gear, etc. Ribbon Gift Collections are easy to give and a pleasure to receive.

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