The First Caffeine free Healthy Energy Drink

Since it’s birth in the US in 1997, the Energy Drink market grew to about 400 million per fiscal year by the year 2001. By 2005, it had reached approx $4 billion dollars and it is projected to surpass the $9 billion mark by 2011 growing at an annual rate of approximately 12%.

Health researchers have identified a surprisingly new predictor for risky behavior in teenagers and young adults: the energy drink.

Super-caffeinated energy drinks, like Red Bull, Monster, Amp and Full Throttle, have surged in popularity in the past decade, injecting lots of caffeine into the young blood. About a third of 12- to 24-year-olds say they regularly down these energy drinks, and all of that accounts for more than $4 billion in annual sales in the United States.

There is only one Energy Drink – XS – which I have found to be truly a healthy drink, actually does more good and no harm unlike most other High-Caffeine Energy Drinks such as Red Bull linked to violence and risk-taking among teens.

XS Energy Drinks always deliver a powerful punch of B vitamins to help boost mental and physical energy. This month special – free shipping with order of 3 cases or more

The XS Energy Drinks are energizing vitamin-packed and bursting with great taste, yet they don’t contain the level of carbs and sugar you see in other popular energy drinks. Many tantalizing varieties to choose from, including some that are caffeine free, or step it up to XS Gold Energy Plus – the premium XS drink that combines Essentra(R), a form of the Ashwagandha root, with herbs, vitamins, and powerful fruits such as Acai and Mangosteen, to really CRANK UP the energy level! XS offers caffeine-free versions too.

Energy Drink Review

The XS Gold with Essentra delivers:

  • A great source of support for Emotional Balance.
  • Amazing Clarity.
  • Incredible Immunity support.
  • Lots of Stamina.
  • Improves Mental focus.
  • Certified Kosher.

Looking for an Energy Drink with NO Caffeine? Study the XS Energy Drink Review to get your much needed Caffeine free, B & C vitamins. Get all of the energy with 0 Sugars, 0 Carbs, only 8 Calories, and all the adaptogenic herbs.

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