Drinking Healthy

Could Liquid Vitamin say goodbye to Pills?

Very Interesting way to

drink the fluids you love

and keep it nutritious too!….

Ever thought of adding a twist of healthy flavor to your drinking water?

Like to quench your thirst while you give your body more of what it needs so you can live a full, active lifestyle through small, easy, portable liquid vitamin?

I wanted to write this a few months ago when I first came across this very unique product that fits into the palm of your hand, can go into your wallet/purse, or lunch box, or your pant and coat pockets.  Not so much for its size but, what it allows us to gain from a health perspective with great ease, is what I am really excited about.  A lot of people refrain from taking those big multicolored vitamin pills (I know I did). To some people its just a turn off even thinking about swallowing them……..

Watch the video and hit submit below to learn how and why Miss America, Kurt Warner and Kara Goucher use these award winning, super tasty, super healthy Liquid Vitamins !!

Drinking Healthy Drinking Healthy Drinking Healthy

But now I have good news for you – That small unique product that fits into the palm of your hand is a tube filled with concentrated (award winning) liquid vitamin packed with very tasty fruit flavors.  Just squeeze the contents of it into a bottle or glass of  ice cold water, and your tasty health beverage is ready !!  Could this be an alternative to swallowing those deadly big vitamin pills? 

Here are the four health benefits to choose from, each with its own “twist” of fruit flavor.

  • Raspberry flavor – Joint Health: Glucosamine helps to support your joints and keep you moving. Do you know of a family member or friend suffering from joint pains?
  • Tropical flavor – Sport: Replaces what your body loses through exercise, without the calories and sugar in typical sports drinks.
  • Blueberry flavor – Antioxidants: Each tube turns plain water into a berry-flavored drink of antioxidants to help fight free radicals. Who do you know has cancer ?  Did you know antioxidants can fight cancer causing free radicals ?
  • Strawberry flavor – Immunity: Turns water into a tasty refresher that supports your body’s natural defenses. Who do you know that falls sick all the time?  This could be the answer to their illness, and tasty to their taste buds.
  • Fruits & Vegetables 2GO: Each tube turns plain water into the antioxidant equivalent of two of the 9–13 servings of fruits and vegetables your body needs. I bet your body never gets a balanced diet everyday..

Enter to see demo of antioxidant benefits of this liquid vitamin.

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