What is your dream?  How will you achieve it?

What is your dream?  How will you achieve it?

The first question may be difficult to answer. You may have many dreams. Yet, there must be one that stands out above all others…one that inspires you, energizes you, and empowers you to do everything you can to achieve it. When you think about it, its got to bring tears into your eyes, because you feel very strongly about it.

The second question is the reason most people don’t realize their dreams. They have no strategy in place for attaining it and no knowledge of what is needed – and must sometimes be sacrificed – to have a dream come true.

Most people possess a vague notion of what they would like to do or who they would like to become someday, but many don’t have a plan to get there. If that describes you, then this website is for you. Enjoy this excerpt on “Preparing Your Dream”.

Preparing Your Dream :

If you are unsure of what your dreams might be – either because you are afraid to dream or because you somehow lost your dreams along the way – then start preparing yourself to receive your dreams – by doing six things to put yourself in the best possible position to receive a dream.

Once you do these six things, focus on discovering your dreams. As you do, keep in mind the words – “A dream is what you desire if anything and everything is possible.”

Mental Preparation: Read and study in areas of your greatest interest.

Experimental Preparation: Engage in activities in areas related to your interests.

Visual Preparation: Put up pictures of people and things that inspire you.

Hero Preparation: Read about and try to meet people you admire and who inspire you.

Physical Preparation: Get your body in optimal shape to pursue your dreams.

Spiritual Preparation: Seek God’s help for a bigger-than-self dream.

I must warn you – Doing the above and hanging around non-dreamers will do you no good. You must surround yourself with positive people who can cheer you and help you.

A Vehicle To Turn Your Dream Into Reality :

In my opinion the best vehicle and the shortest cut to making your Dreams into reality is Here.

Why ? – Because of so many reasons described in my article on “Evaluate Business”.

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