Are you invited to their homes?

Diamond Homes Tour

You are If you bought your ticket to attend FED Mega Leadership Conference on Oct 5,6,7 in Richmond VA.

Have you ever been to a multi-multi millionaire’s homes just to see how they live?


..Well then here is your chance!

For those of you who are going to pay the extra price to travel from far to attend the life changing FED in Richmond on Oct 5th weekend, you are invited for a DREAM BUILDING tour of our upline’s “Dream Homes” in New Jersey on Mon Oct 8th, 2012. We will start with Nanda & Sangeetha’s home to begin with, and then breakfast at the Jain Estate! Thanks to Vishal & Sonika!! And from there on to Kankan & Sameena’s home and then to Kumar & Anjali’s home..

I highly recommend the tour and if you like to be on the tour, please book your return flights from PHL (Philly), or EWR (Newark), or LGA (Laguardia) or JFK (Kennedy) airports after 4pm.

This tour is only for IBOs who are flying into Richmond FED and those driving from Canada and further out.

Diamond Homes Tour

What will you get from this Diamond Homes Tour?

  • First of all consider yourself lucky to even get a chance to be in a place like that.
  • See how the Diamonds, Executive Diamonds and Double Diamonds live.
  • Build your dream.
  • See with your own eyes what this business can do for you, because the homes you would be looking at are all bought with the cash that’s earned from building our Independent Business.
  • See, touch, feel, get to know the diamonds and see how humble and stress-free they really are.
  • A chance to associate and learn and perhaps ask a few questions and get some answers to grow your business.
  • And its all free!
  • Did you see the word “Homes” ?   That’s right! We are not talking about only 1 home visit.
  • Real life, live viewing is much more powerful than viewing a youtube videos or pictures of it.
  • The end result of all of this is to make you rich through this powerful business opportunity.
  • Diamond homes tour come only once a year. Grab your chance NOW !

Now is the time to take action! Don’t let $115 come in between you and your successful future.

Come join us at FED, and the Diamond Homes Tour.

Diamond Homes Tour

..and if that’s not the most unique, inspiring, thrilling, fun, life-changing weekend of your life I will refund your FED ticket money.

Best regards,

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