Control Your Mind : Why & How?

Control Your Mind

One of the most devastating plagues of the last quarter century.., no not HIV, and not cancer either.  Its people who don’t think.  They don’t know how to think. We are not taught in schools to think, just taught to memorize. That’s why so many have a difficult time in college, besides the fact that they lack self-discipline. They haven’t learned to think. Thinking is hard work and will wear you out.

Control your mind because it’s your greatest asset and can produce more wealth than you know what to do with.

And once you learn to think, you must learn to think right and control your mind. There is a difference. Some people just repeat what someone else said that sounded good to them, and say it so often that they start to believe they thought of it.

If I ask you the right questions, i can get you to say what I want you to say, and you’d think it was your idea. This is so powerful. You must learn to control your mind.

Stop reading for 10 mins :  I want you to think of a problem or crisis in your life right now, and I want you to think of nothing but solutions for that problem for 10 straight minutes. The first time your mind wanders about something else, start 10 mins over. This will take some practice and rarely will someone even reach one minute on the first time. This is the starting point to learning how to control your mind.

Controlling your mind is a discipline that is learned. It does not come naturally.

Our mind is constantly thinking about stuff, they wonder naturally.  But I want you to control your mind.

You become what you think about all the time. Your mind can make you Billions of Dollars or ruin you financially and in every other way. So its of paramount importance that you learn how to control your mind with good positive thoughts all the time.

Control Your Mind

The First step is to realize that you do have control over what you think. Despite popular opinion, thoughts don’t just happen. In fact, thought is the only tangible source from which anything is created.

I have received some brilliant ideas during this time of silence, reflection and meditation. It will cost you a lot of money if you do not learn how to control your mind.

Control your mind in a place where you can think best !

Where are you able to block out the commotion of life and just meditate? You must find a location or scenery that enables you to enter into silence. Learn to control your mind while you are in this place to bring the ideas to build your success and accomplish your goals.

This has been my secret to success and staying focused on my dream.  The only reason men fail is broken focus. Most people can’t stay focused because they cannot control their mind.  Its not what you know, its what you think and how you think that makes you a success. You shouldn’t take your Dreams to heaven with you, and you sure shouldn’t die with all your dreams still in you.

 87% of the thoughts you think are negative

You think about 40 to 50,000 thoughts per day. The vast majority of what you tell yourself is negative self-talk. That’s not the way to live. In fact, it’s a sure way to die.  When your dream becomes your focus, you will be unstoppable. When God gives you a dream, it will be one that you can’t achieve the way you are now. You will have to become the person you need to be in order to achieve it.

You can’t afford to think, “I can’t afford this”, or that it won’t work for you. You can’t afford to doubt your ability to succeed in business, family and in life. If you don’t control your mind then you are a puppet because someone else is thinking for you and they are controlling what you can or cannot think.  Learn to think, learn to control your own mind, that’s the only thing that will guarantee your success.

I have not met a man yet that wouldn’t defend his own home from an un-welcomed intruder.  But I find 95% of people don’t stop the robber who takes their mind.

Do you find yourself locking your car, house, bank lockers, and whatever else material possessions you have so that no one would steal anything ?  And then you let someone steal the most precious, most expensive, most valuable thing that you have in this world – your Mind.., You allow someone else to control your mind.  How sad is that ?

So you must be thinking how can you control your mind?

Its simple, become a part of our business team and you will begin to receive the right mentorship.

Control Your Mind

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