We are now expanding our Business Projects all over  The CARIBBEAN!
Jamaica Launch eCommerceAnd A Brand New JAMAICA Launch.

The Addition of Jamaica expands our existing North American market. We are excited to bring to you the world’s best opportunity with Jamaica Launch

We are pleased to announce that our business opportunity will also be available in JAMAICA. It’s exciting to see the expansion of the flagship market of North America with the authorization of all Caribbean islands. Jamaica, like The Bahamas & Trinidad, will be an extension of the existing island markets in the Miscellaneous Atlantic and Caribbean (M.A.C.) region, authorized under the U.S. Sales and Marketing Plan.

If you are seriously interested in starting your home based E-Commerce Business or know someone who is interested, enter your full name, email, number, and we will personally get in touch with you.


52 Years in Business
$9 Billion annual sales
80+ Countries
Member BBB (Better Business Bureau)
FTC Approved
Member US Chamber of Commerce
Completely Debt-Free, No credit dependency. Privately held
Dun & Bradstreet rating of 5A1 (Only 1% of US companies enjoy such a rating)


Organically Produced
Environmentally Friendly Products
Health, Wellness
Beauty, Cosmetics,
Sports Nutrition,
Energy Beverages,
Liquid Vitamins,
Home care Cleaning, Laundry,
Personal Care,
Jewelry, Perfumes, and many more..

We are looking for Ambitious, Busy, Teachable and Accountable people having a Great Attitude and want to own their own successful home based business.

Please spread the Jamaica Launch message with everyone you know in Jamaica / Caribbean, US and Canada.

Next step is for you to meet with our business team and
learn the details of the compensation plan and learn about
our strategic partnerships. Find out where and when you can
meet successful local business leaders.

Jamaica Launch eCommerce

Kingston – Successful Jamaica Launch !

Best regards,

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