How Do You Boil A Frog?

Do you put the frog in boiling water ?

No, it will jump out in an instant.

So then how do you boil a frog ?

Here is the answer …

Now, this is a real good analogy I am going to describe

what happens to people in their jobs..

sounds funny, but it is the truth and really sad.


Ok, so, just put the frog in a pan of water at room temperature.

The frog is very happy and swimming all around thinking wow what a lifestyle!

This is like your first job, everything is awesome and a big jump in income

life is just awesome!


Next, take the pan to the stove and start to heat it very slowly, turn the flame to minimum.

The frog is like wohoo this pool also has hot water! no bad at all..

This is like your boss asked you for the very first time to do a bit extra at home or over time.

and you love to take challenges and its also your time to shine over the other co-workers.


Next, turn the heat up a bit more..

The frog now is a little bit uneasy, but it ain’t that bad so will keep swimming thinking its just temporary.

This is like you’ve been asked again and again to do overtime and since you do the job,

you keep getting the work load.., with a little extra pay so you don’t mind and do it anyway

thinking its just a temporary extra work load phase..

Or, it could also be that you got fired from your job 3 times over already and

you are not liking the heat and the environment anymore.. but you got to do it

cause you have to pay the bills How Do You Boil A Frog?


Next, turn the heat up and up and the water is starting to bubble..!!

This sends out an alert signal to the frog, and the frog swims faster in frustration..

thinking what the hell is going on, but the water is too hot for it to jump out.

This is like you are now in your 40s and your wife and kids want to see you home

for dinner in time, but your boss wants you to take more and more responsibilities

because now you have big time experience and you are to manage a big team too..

you are frustrated with quiet desperation inside, don’t know what to do..


Next, max the heat on the pan and watch the frog die in boiling water.

This is like a sad story of a hard working employee fired at age 50.  At age 50 no

one wants to hire you, because they can get two new frogs to work at half the cost.

oops i’m sorry, i didn’t mean you are a frog, but.. you get the idea!

How Do You Boil A Frog?

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