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Two Great news on APSA-80 from India

1. Mumbai, March 31 (IANS): At The Wankhede Stadium wicket for Cricket World Cup final, The chemical APSA-80, commonly used in agriculture, was also sprayed on the outfield. which is used as a fertilizer/pesticide in fields.  Helps with the plant growth, quality & quantity of harvest as well.

2. One of our associate has been selling APSA-80 to his farmer friends and relatives in 3 districts in Maharashtra state (Nanded, Nashik and Daund ), since the past few years. The results of this – 2 to 4 times increase in yields in Rice, Cotton, Onions, and various other crops. These  results have also been observed in existing agricultural farms,where the land is FERTILE.

Now here is something totally NEW!  And will just BLOW your Mind !

One of our customer in Daund District had a tailoring business which had to be shut down because of lack of business.
That customer had a piece of land which was barren and lying unused. Since the land was barren, nobody else also offered to do farming there on lease basis. But since this guy had to close down his tailoring business, he had no choice, but to try and do whatever farming he could on his land.

The land was full of soft stone ( having layers which chip off like slices if you play around with it with your hand ). Its called Murum in Marathi and Kannada. The new farmer somehow leveled the land and started using APSA-80, as advised by our associate.  He planted sugarcane and some vegetables. Other people started laughing at his “FOOLISHNESS” !

At the end of the season, the new farmer was astonished to get an excellent harvest of Sugarcane and vegetables.  The normal yield of sugarcane in that region is 80 tons/ acre.Our new farmer got 50 tons/acre!  On a supposedly barren land!

This is not all. The sugarcane was very tall (having 18 knots throughout its length), and also very thick! This would have fetched him a price higher than the normal sugarcane, and effectively,  he would have made as much money per acre as other farmers with FERTILE lands. The yield on other vegetables was similar to that of the other fertile farms.

This is enough to show that BARREN land can become FERTILE, by using APSA-80.

People who laughed at this man’s “FOOLISHNESS” would have been stunned!

Even though some of our customers have not been following the prescribed procedure of applying APSA-80.  They use the APSA-80 as they like, and still get wonderful results.

Barren Land Becomes Fertile

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