Association does Matter!

Your Association Matters

And the reason you are where you are in life right now is because of the association you had in the past and currently have.

When there are successful people coming anywhere near you, don’t miss the
association for anything in this world. And, don’t be in a hurry to leave.
Good things happen *ONLY* in the extra mile.

95% of people in this world are average because they don’t do things the 5% do.

The 95% in the world who are average are always in a hurry to go back to their world. They cannot handle the heat..they cannot handle someone making them uncomfortable. The 5% know that things happen *ONLY* in the uncomfortable zone. They come
early, stay late..late..late..late..late..late..late..late..late..late..late..late..late..late..late..until they can get every morsel of wisdom from the powerful positive association. Your choices will make or break your future.

Recently I read in Forbes, someone was willing to pay several million dollars for lunch with Warren Buffet!! Talk about price for an association.

Don’t be in a hurry when someone successful is willing to teach you.

What would you do going back to your world? At least go back to your world
equipped with new knowledge, new information, wisdom of the ages and
confidence so you can *CHANGE YOURSELF* which will change your world. Pay
the *EXTRA* price that 95% are not willing to pay. Don’t be average. Clear
your calendar to be there till the last minute. If your job reminds you that
you have to wake up very early morning…then it is even better. You need
thorns/irritations in your life to move on. Go ask an oyster the importance
of sand in its shell.

To me, I HAD NOWHERE ELSE TO GO. I had told the entire world that I was
going to make it in this. Everyone was laughing at me and were telling me I
could not do this thing. I got determined, got committed and promised myself
that I want to be in the 5%. I came early to every association, I stayed late..late..later than
anyone else. I got on to my upline’s radar..applied the things they taught
me at the nite owl. I would scream out loud my goals driving back from a
nite owl…I was determined to change my world. I paid my price for a little bit of success and continue to do it for my
Freedom….it is worth it. I am almost there in the 5% club..are you?

Freedom is not free. Question is, What are YOU going to do?

If you are COMMITTED towards earning your FREEDOM click below!

Your Association MattersFreeeeeeedddddddddddoooooooooooommmmmm To Enterprise !!!

Best regards,

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