Amazing Tips On Facebook Marketing

900 Million active users on Facebook as of Jan 2012!

Almost all business owners in every industry out there today want to improve on their facebook marketing strategies. But the real question is how can you market like a pro and stand out from the rest of the crowd ?

I am going to get in to the fine details of what makes real people on facebook pay attention to you, follow you and inevitably BUY from you. When you know this, you don’t even need to know half of the technical stuff.

Lets dive into some basic facebook marketing tips:

  • Profile pictures matter. The site feature that attracted most attention on Klout, Facebook and StumbleUpon was the profile photo. Put your own photo sharply dressed, not your dog’s photo, not your kid’s photos. I always ask my new friend requests (who don’t have a good photo) to add their photo or else they will be ignored and will be out of my network.
  • Who you know gets noticed. Even if for no better reason than their placement on the page, people do look at those little thumbnails of friends that appear on your profile. A lot can be told about you by the friend circle you keep. I can instantly sum up the character of the person on facebook by looking at their friends list.
  • Content on top wins. The further something is down a page, the fewer number of people look at it. This was true on both content-focused profiles such as Pinterest and Digg as well as socially focused profiles such as Facebook. On the Twitter and YouTube profiles, the effect was similar.
  • It’s rapport / relationships first. Use Facebook to connect with people whether through your fan page, friends list, or by interacting on their pages/profiles. Work on being the least needy network marketer out there and you’re already miles ahead of the pack.  When you meet some new people at your friend’s party, do you instantly dish out your business cards?  No. You get to know them, chit chat a little and then if your conversation goes towards business you give them your card. There’s nothing that screams out “I NEED TO GET YOU” more than someone who posts links to their MLM or products on their wall all day long. Refer to my older post on Monetizing Social Media.
  • Be Human. We want to see the raw human stuff and relate to it (or laugh at it). I’m always sharing events of my life with my fans. It’s what makes me real and helps me to stand out from the crowd. And often it’s the silliest things that get me a ton of messages, friend requests, likes and shares. Use Facebook as a platform to be more of you and to get people curious. Be natural in facebook marketing, blend in.
  • Create your Fan Page. Facebook has something known as Pages for businesses, which allows you to promote, market, sell and brand your business / products. You can create a new page by clicking here –  and in our industry you want to go to the section where it says “Artist, Band or Public Figure” and select “Business Person“.  For example see my Fan Page. Everything you post and share on your page should for the most part be public or open to all. So you must also be very careful what type of content you post here. Your posts can be made private but then it defies the purpose of a fan page. You want to be able to create a large group of followers on your fan page and let the viral nature of facebook help it grow. People have to click on LIKE on your fan page to join in.
  • Create Groups. Facebook groups are a great way to create small communities with your special fans or team members, even to use as incentives for buying a product through you or joining your team. You can set up a closed group by going to Facebook Groups ( and invite your chosen people to it. This is a great way to have a more personal relationship with your followers and create a win-win situation. Make sure its a closed environment if you plan to share your mlm products/testimonials, etc.
    • Set up a private syndication group for members of your team – they get their content seen by more people and you create a tight-knit group of loyal followers.
    • Use a Facebook closed group to share your results with buyers of a product and answer their questions. Often other members will answer questions too making the load lighter on you. This can be a great way to ensure people stay subscribed or even upgrade their service.
    • Set a challenge for your team and create an ‘elite’ group where people get to know about upcoming promotions or products before anyone else for anyone that reaches their goal.
    • You can post videos in groups which will allow only members to have access, great for sharing private training.
    • You can make groups entirely secret so no one can see the content or members, or completely open for anyone to see. Lots of flexibility means you can create groups for all kinds of topics.
    • Turn on your notifications for the groups you create so that you stay in the loop, and be sure to reply to anyone in there so that you really connect with the community you are building. Post at least once per day in all your groups/pages to keep them growing and flowing with conversations.
  • Attractive and Curious.  This is a great facebook marketing tip – If you learn how to simply make people attracted to what you are doing on Facebook, there’s no need to go stuffing sign up links in their inbox, you don’t have to chase them away. They’ll want to find out more about you when they get curious about what it is you do, and how you are just so darn cool. That’s why you must ALWAYS have a good info page for both your personal profile and fan page so that people can find their own way to your website and email list. Now of course, if it comes up in conversation, that’s a different matter. I learned in the beginning to always play it cool if someone says they are looking for something I have to offer and just say something like “If you’d like a link to it, just let me know” instead of suddenly going in to a big speech about what I do and how they can sign up. It’s shows you’re not needy and it keeps them curious. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone that hasn’t said “Yes please, that would be great!”.
  • Lead with content and value first. Lead people with outstanding value first, and reap the rewards second. Think of what your fans need from you and strive to deliver it daily. Ask thought-provoking questions that start discussions, post your latest blog content and videos, hold free Q&A webinars for your fans to participate in, answer every question that is posted on your wall and interact with everyone that takes the time to come to your page. Make them feel like they are getting something out of the relationship first, and then you will start to see the results second.
  • Work on Network. So many people still think that Facebook marketing is just about numbers and masses and that they don’t really need to have any one-to-one contact with people. Facebook is a TOOL which is great for networking – but you are going to have to get comfortable with having conversations with people if you want to be successful. In fact the whole aim of Facebook marketing is to have an inbox full to the brim of people asking about how they can work with you, or asking you for help (hint, any time someone asks you for help it’s an excellent time to check if they are happy where they are or if they need to start a new business). If you don’t respond when someone actually sends you a message, you are throwing away prospects and income.
    • Commenting on other fan pages with the “Use Facebook as Page” feature you will see on the right hand side of your fan page. This way when people click on your image they will go to your fan page, not your profile. Leave interesting, thoughtful comments and people will check you out and become fans.
    • On blogs with Facebook comments activated you can choose to post as your page instead of your profile, again this will mean that people will be led to your fan page if they click on your name.
    • Add friends from relevant groups and fan pages and start conversations with them. This is something I did a lot of when I first started to really get my name out there and start making connections. At the end of each day I would check to see who was on Facebook chat and strike up some conversations. You can also use the inbox system – and the great thing is that Facebook saves your chat history so you never have to worry about forgetting what you last talked about with someone.
    • Wish Happy Birthday to your facebook friends on their birthday. Its a great conversation starter and people love being greeted on their birthday. Everyday you can go to this link to find out who’s birthday is it today:
    • Facebook pay per click advertising is a great way to get targeted fans to come to you and start generating leads for your business. It’s relatively easy to get set up and to get cheap leads if you start of sensible and go in with a ‘testing’ mindset. Personally, I’ve generated leads for as little as 30c using Facebook ppc, as well as using it to build my fan base too.
  • Allow your fans to post valuable content on your fan page. When someone interacts on your page, it shows on their Facebook profile AND possibly the news feed of all their friends, therefor increasing Facebook fans. This is SO powerful and helps make your fan page grow by itself. Allow your fans to post valuable content, thank them, like their content, share it if it’s good. Give LOVE to your fans and it will return to you in FLOODS. That’s smart facebook marketing.
  • Use tagging sensibly. There are great ways to use tagging and there are TERRIBLE ways to use it that will just hurt your reputation and make you look like a fool. Think of the win-win in every situation. For example, if you just made a video promoting your blog and then tagged some people you knew in it – where’s the win for them? Why would they keep it up on their page and send their friends/fans to it? Chances are they will delete the tag and think that you’re a bit of a fool.  But, imagine you just read this fantastic article and you wanted to get a little exposure for yourself too. Well there’s nothing wrong with writing a little testimonial type update and tagging myself in it…and YOU get a little link back to your fan page (from my busy page) giving you some exposure. That’s a smart way to use tagging and also a great way for showing leaders that you appreciate what they do. Which leads me to my next point about facebook marketing …
  • Connect with leaders in your Line Of Sponsorship. The funny thing about Facebook is, everyone is on it and most people are hooked just like any human being. It doesn’t matter if they are famous, make $100 or $50k or $10k a month, are loved or hated – anyone with a Facebook account has the same features as all of us and communicates with others in the same way – via their wall, fan page and inbox/chat.
    • Now, some people like Robert Kiyosaki and Richard Branson have social media managers but for most people in our industry, even those with personal assistants, they do the majority of their Facebook marketing themselves as it’s such a personal thing. This is great news for you. This means you can reach out to anyone on Facebook and have a real chance of getting a reply from them – and better yet, starting a real relationship. I’ve connected with so many others via Facebook. A simple message and friend request is all that you need to get started, and over time by commenting on others posts, sharing and messaging those relationships become real friendships. You will never know how it will turn out and you can’t go in it thinking “what’s in it for me”. You will learn so much by being connected with industry leaders and further down the line who knows what will happen – business partners, webinars, guest blogging, testimonials are all possible but only when you build a true relationship first and see what you can do to help the other person before yourself.
  • Show people you are here to stay. When I was starting out and looking for strong leaders to learn from, I looked at how consistent they were in their actions. It wasn’t something I did on purpose but think about it – if someone is forever jumping around, vanishing for weeks at a time or promoting something different every day then it doesn’t look like they know what they’re doing and more importantly it doesn’t look like what they are doing WORKS. By being consistent in your actions, not only do you show people you are here to stay, but you show them that you have a plan that works and that you are serious about your business. I make sure I check in to Facebook at least once day to reply to people, update my page and profile and post in my groups. Use Facebook to give people the reassurance that you are always around to support your people.
  • Learn about PEOPLE. At the end of the day, you are in a PEOPLE Business. Sure, I could give you a million technical-type tricks for building a flashier Facebook page or to get more people clicking your links but remember that Facebook is just a tool for connecting with people all over the world. If you learn how humans behave you can apply it to all the Facebook marketing tips we’ve discussed in this article. A few of my favorite books that will help you learn real useable techniques for attracting a crowd are – “How to win friends and influence people” and “Make Yourself Unforgettable” by Dale Carnegie, “The Friendship Factor” by Alan Loy Mcginnis.

I hope you liked this post and it triggered some new ideas for your Facebook marketing. Over time, by applying these tips you’ll see an increase in loyalty, trust and interaction from your fans which means three things – more leads, more income and most importantly you’ll get to know your followers and develop great relationships with them.

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Amazing Tips On Facebook Marketing

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