Greatest Gift to mankind   Ability to Think

Are you adding value?

An ordinary piece of iron is worth about, say $ 2.00. If it is forged into iron shoes, its value increases to $ 10.00. If it is processed into needles, its salable worth rises to $ 500.00. However if this same piece of raw material is used for transformation into steel balance wheels for watches, its value soars up to $ 10,000.

Thus the usable value of any commodity depends on what you do with them. So it is with your career/business. Continuously adding value to it by investing in your development from neck-up.

And the only path of development is continuous self-development adding value to your own self. Developing and nurturing talent in a holistic mold through integration of value addition, self discipline and strong conceptual & execution skills.

The way you think, and the Choices you make..make you.

Greatest Gift to Mankind is the Ability To Think.Greatest Gift to mankind   Ability to Think

Of all the creatures in the world, humans are physically most ill equipped

  • means we cannot fly like birds all by ourselves,
  • we cannot outrun a leopard,
  • we cannot swim swiftly like an alligator,
  • nor can we climb and jump from trees like monkeys,
  • we do not have sharp eyes of an eagle,
  • nor do we have claws and teeth like a wild cat, ..on and on ..,
  • and so physically a human is defenseless and helpless,
  • even a tiny insect can kill us.

But nature is reasonable and kind,

the greatest gift to mankind is : the ability to think.

Humans can create their own environment, whereas animals have to adapt to their environment.

Sadly very few people use their greatest gift – the ability of its fullest potential- their ability to think.

Failures are of 2 kinds – Those who did and never thought, and those who thought and never did.

When you make one choice, automatically another choice comes in with it.  Life is full of choices, Destiny is not a matter of chance, its a matter of choice.

Life can be compared to a pottery maker, he molds the clay in any form he wants to..  Your mentor/coach is there to mold you, but would you act like a clay? or would you be like a hard iron? not willing to get into shape, .. and they have to put you into a hot burner to hammer and mold you?

Would you like next year to be different and rewarding for you than this year ?  Then what kind of different thinking are you going to do today ? what different choices are you going to make today?

Where you want to be 10, 20 and 30 years from now you have to put the foundation now.  You have to think in present for the future.

Everyday when you come home from work, do an audit log from 7pm to 11pm everyday. Make that log for 3 months and I can tell you where you are going to be 3 yrs from now, 5 yrs from now, 10 yrs from now.

(8am to 5pm job makes you a living, but following your passion from 7pm to midnight builds you a lifestyle)

The time to ACT is NOW by adding value to yourself, neck-up.

Best regards,

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