Three Parts To Effective Communication

Why Effective Communication ?

If you want to lead a large organization, you have to know that there are three parts to face-to-face communications

– sometimes called the 3 V’s – and these three elements determine how much a receiver “likes” the speaker:

Visual, or body and facial expressions, accounting for 55% of the liking
Vocal, or tone of voice, accounting for 38% of the liking
Verbal, or words, accounting for 7% of the liking
If you take these figures on face value alone, it suggests that the receiver overwhelmingly trusts the non-verbal aspects of the speaker – 93% vs 7% – or, that the facial/body/tone components are “more important” than the actual words.

When you are talking to prospects or any one else , watch out for the 93% of your effective communication!!!


It is not what you say but how you say it!!!!
Our voice is a tool, and if used effectively, is one of the most powerful in our toolbox.

Three Parts To Effective Communication
Just as important as what we say, however, is how we say it – the tone of our voice is part of that.

If our tone conveys an undercurrent of anger or frustration, sounds distracted or preoccupied, or is heavy with sarcasms, it will influence how others hear what we are saying and how they interpret our message. A misinterpretation, based on our tone, will garble the message, at best, or lead to a giant misunderstanding. Misunderstandings in our workplace can be the downfall of a team, lead to unnecessary expenses, or create a hostile work environment.

On the telephone, it is even more vital to watch the tone in our voice. A listener can’t see our face, or watch our body language, so all they have to go on are our words and our tone. We need to make sure the two are in harmony for the most effective communication.

How can we guard against that tone? If you feel it creeping into your voice, slow down or stop, take a deep breath, and start again. Or, if you realize ,after the fact, that your tone may have garbled your message, make amends by apologizing for sending out a mixed message, clarify it, and then move forward.

Let’s work on keeping our message and tone congruent, and on becoming the best communicator possible.

Next time your phone rings, first pause, then smile and then say HELLO !!!!

All this contributes to your Effective Communication.

Fortunately in our business, we can coach you about the 3 V’s of effective communication..

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