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12 Tips For Successful Husband & Wife Business Partnership

Thanks to my business coaches I am just sharing what they have been teaching us -

Based on what we have read and what we have understood from them and applied to our own successful marriage and business partnership, we want to share with you some 12 tips to help you build a great 100%-100% partnership in building an awesome future together.

Read, understand and apply!

Wishing you all a Happy, Fulfilled, Fun Filled, Dream filled, Enriching, Healthy, Prosperous Married Life! This business is the right vehicle to work on your marriage as you work on your business together in partnership.

This partnership is a lifelong journey…enjoy it and enjoy each other!

Who I am, what we have and what we are going to have is because of her and the way she inspires me. They say that a man is looking for two things – an adventure to fight for and someone to love.

Ladies – A word of caution: If you take away any one of the above two things from your man, he will not succeed in either, and as a result it will ruin your own home and business.

Our marriage partnership was definitely made in heaven but we work very hard every day to maintain it and grow in it. The best way to gauge the value of someone is to imagine a life without them. I value my wife dearly and she makes me want to be better every single day. She is the reason I run out of my home and she is the reason I run back home. She has forgiven me for all the dumb things and decisions I have made. She has let me go to work hard in my business because that is where a man will discover himself. She let me invest in the business so I could grow it the way I envisioned. When she had every reason to be upset and express her negative emotions, she held back and let the situation to diffuse before finding a solution for it. She found the right time to bring up issues bothering her. She allowed me to grow as a “man”. She trusted the BWW system of association, books and CDs to work on our marriage and on us. She trusted the mentorship program to work on us. She spoke the “man” she wanted in me into existence through the powers that were revealed to us in the business. She was careful not to compare me to other men in upline, downline or crossline. She always made me look good and never took credit or put blame on me. She has faith in God and faith in me. To me, that’s all I wanted! Like they say, rest is history because as a couple we are writing history!

What a life and what a business!! I am richly blessed and highly favored!

12 Tips for successful husband & wife business partnership:

1.     Good Communication:

Communicate with respect to each other. Really listen to others viewpoint. Develop a good working relationship with a growing upline couple who have a successful marriage and successful business.


2.     Define Roles and achieve goals:

Assign roles based on strengths but remember to achieve goals. Give each other area for being the “boss” and let the person lead in the role. Follow the “Dutch principle of Total Soccer” means that any player can attack when there is an opportunity, and any player can defend when there is a need. In Total Marriage you only have two players, so this is even more important. Both of you should be able to do everything your team needs. You’ll have your preferences and strengths and habits, but if one of you goes down, the other one has to be able to cover.


3.     Compartmentalize:

Work when at work, play when at play. Enjoy each other, laugh and make it fun. Give space to each other for rest and replenishment. All of us rest and replenish differently. Respect that and give space.


4.     Mutual Respect:

Show respect for each other’s objections and concerns. Listen to the opinion. Let the “boss of that role” make the decision. For issues that don’t need to be addressed now, create a “parking lot” to park them to visit them later. Be the guardians of each other’s solitudes. Not only do you need to give each other space, you need to make each other space.  Husband and wife must think of and treat each other as equal business partners. This means that they must always communicate and strive to be on the same page. No clamming up when one or the other disagrees. Disagree behind closed doors, negotiate an outcome you can both live with and present a united front to others. Be 100% aligned on mission, vision, values and goals.


5.     Romance:

Make time for romance. Never go to bed angry at each other. No difficult conversations after 10pm. Not only is it harder to solve problems when you’re tired, but at least half the time being tired is the problem.  Use the KISS – Keep it Separate Stupid principle so not to mix business partnership with Romance!


6.     Be Honest in your talks and deeds:

No matter who gets the credit or is to blame, eventually both need to WIN. Nobody wins unless everyone wins in partnership. It is critical to check your ego at the door. Make it safe to give and receive feedback from each other. Share all passwords with each other – computer, phone, facebook, etc.


7.     One true leader and decision maker:

Someone has to be the true leader and decision maker in partnership. It is a great partnership and joint effort, but only one person can really be in charge.


8.     You gotta have a system:

Working together in business partnership changes our life – Business & personal lives become one. Structure & Systems are mandatory to maintain a cooperative, amicable, and smooth-running business. It gives you sense of confidence and builds trust among yourself and your team. Develop a system to make decisions. If you disagree, have your MENTOR help you with your decision until you are able to validate and trust your own decisions.


9.     Share the calendar:

Be aware of the other’s schedule. If you double-book in partnership one has to reschedule based on current priorities to achieve the goal set.


10.  Honey, YOU Are Right:

               Rule #1: 

UNDERSTAND your partner will make mistakes (as you do). Seek to understand before being understood.

EXPECT mistakes and be cool when they happen. Mistakes are part of the learning process.


               Rule #2:

YOU are normally the problem. When you feel like he/she doesn’t “get what you are saying,” you are

correct – which means YOUR EXPLANATION is the problem – NOT them.


               Rule #3:

LISTEN. Partners are fantastic at seeing what we are doing from a different viewpoint. Hear each other out

before respond. Don’t react. Listen. Pause. Think. Respond.


11.  Make a “Honey To Do List” to do things that make the other person tick and “Honey NOT TO DO List” to NOT to do things that tick them off:

Remember that other person is NOT YOU! Each of you are different, operate differently and

have different needs.


- No personal issues when talking business in partnership; Park “personal issues” outside the door.

- Don’t just talk if you are not going to walk. Remember, talk is cheap.

- No disrespectful words so you don’t have to eat them later.

- No purchases over $100 without input from the other partner.

- No negative talk about goals. You can think it but don’t say it!

- No commitments to involve the other without consulting first.

- No sweating the small stuff

- No dumping – don’t dump negative or tasks at one time. It is all about the timing.


Example of “HONEY TO DO LIST”

- See 10 rules of successful marriage!

- Say “I Love You” frequently and mean it!

- Do things that other person enjoys even if you don’t like it!



12.  Every day and Every moment apply the 6 powers:

- Power of Written Goals

- Power of Spoken Words

- Power of Unity

- Power of Submission

- Power of Prayer

- Power of Forgiveness

12 Tips For Successful Husband & Wife Business Partnership

Consider yourself lucky and thank God that you somehow landed on this page.., for most people live their whole life in frustration and die not knowing what you now know about working and making your business partnership with your spouse a success.



Best regards,

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