A Napkin Changes Lives

A Napkin Changes Lives

Can a Napkin change your life ?

Yes..  it can, and it already has changed many many lives.

They say, the world’s greatest ideas and businesses and partnerships have formed over a simple 5 minute discussion and drawings on a napkin.

That’s right !  A simple napkin can change lives. Next time someone tries to explain an idea using a small napkin or paper, pay close attention to it.

For the next 5 minutes consider this video below as a napkin sitting on a table between me and you.

Consider yourself extremely lucky to be on this website today..  It’s said that “Luck” is a loser’s excuse for a Winner’s Commitment. I am sure you are a winner of course.

If your common sense made you nod your head and brought a smile on your face.. that means you can submit this form to learn more about the truth behind the plan on that napkin -

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What Do You Value?

What Do You Value?

Why are we careful only with things which we value most ?

I had known a friend of mine who used to say that he misplaces and loses his pen very often.

He will use only very cheap pens so that he need not worry about losing them.

He was worried about carelessness habit.

I suggested to him to buy the costliest pen he could afford and see what happens.

He did that and purchased a 22 carat Cross pen.

After nearly six months I met him and asked him if he continues to misplace his pen.

He said that he is very careful about his costly pen and he is surprised how he has changed!

I explained to him that the value of the pen made the difference and there was nothing wrong with him as a person!

This is what happens in our life. We are careful with things which we value most.

  • If we value our health, we will be careful about what and how we eat.

  • If we value our friends, we will treat them with respect.

  • If we value money, we will be careful while spending.

  • If we value our time, we will not waste it.

  • If we value relationship we will not break it.

Carefulness is a basic trait all of us have,we know when to be careful! Carelessness only shows what we don’t value.

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What’s On Your Mind?

Whatever is on your mind, you are talking about it!

Most of the time you are talking to yourself…murmuring. Thoughts playing in your mind and those thoughts become things. To change your life, you have to change your thinking. To change your thinking you have to change the words. Speaking the right words will replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Develop a set of positive words that breathes life into you and energizes you and attract thoughts, events and people to help you achieve your goals.

Here is a sample self talk.


I am a great human being. I was born to win. I was designed to win. I am a winner. I am a dreamer. I am a doer. It is the best time to be alive. I like me. I give my best in everything I do. I am proud of my accomplishments. I am a goal setter and a go-getter. I decide my attitude. I am always above my problems. I am a problem solver. I enjoy paying the price. I am cool, calm and confident in my abilities. God made me. I am a winner. I will and I shall. I shall not be denied. My mind is strong.

I respect and appreciate others and build them up. I am happy, I am strong. I am a winner. I am a big dreamer. I act like a winner, talk like a winner, walk like a winner and do everything like a winner. I am bold and confident. I have a winning personality. I love being with people, I love being with friends. Everyone I meet likes me. I am fun to be around. I am excited. Excitement follows me around. Everyone I meet is excited.

I am enthusiastic about my business. I have a Billion-dollar business. The sun never sets on my business. I enjoy paying the price for my dreams. I am the biggest dreamer walking the face of the earth. I love challenges and opportunities to grow. My business is experiencing super natural growth. Things are always good and getting better. I give thanks to everything that happens in my life.

I am a total success. I like who I am and I am getting better. I love being in great shape. I enjoy exercising and staying in shape. I have an action plan to achieve my goals. I welcome my struggles. I am a go-getter and I deserve to win. I am cool and strong under stress. I get what I go for.

(For couples – I love and cherish my wife/husband. My wife/husband and I have an incredible relationship)

I am becoming a great leader. I love my business associates. I respect my mentor. I do whatever it takes to reach my goals and give all I got to pursue our goals. I love my family. I am patient and appreciative of others. I am quick to praise and slow to find fault in others.

I am experiencing super natural growth in the business. I meet young, sharp, smiling, easy to work with, upwardly mobile couples and singles everyday. I personally sponsor sharp, young, ambitious couples and singles every week and becoming core right away. Sponsoring is a piece of cake. Everybody I show the plan to is getting in and becoming CORE right away.

I am an expert at creating volume and building relationships. I set an example by doing at least 50/150 every month which in turn helps me earn all the fast track bonuses – the $50 check, the $100 check, the $200 check and yes, the $1000 check. Everyone getting in my team are doing 50/150 and earning all the fast track bonuses. Fast Track is the right thing to do to build a balanced and profitable business. I set a great example for others to follow. I teach what I do.

I am building a solid long lasting business by getting Eagle, Double Eagle and Ultimate Eagle done. I am setting a great example for my team to follow. My numbers are doubling from function to function..volume is doubling, standing orders are doubling, function attendance is doubling from function to function. I am an Eagle factory because that is the right thing to do to build a long lasting business.

I have the most unified, profitable, excited, growing, diversified, ambitious group in the history of the world. I am an expert at working width and depth. I am showing 20+ plans every month in width and depth. I am relentlessly personally sponsoring sharp and ambitious people in width and depth until I have 15 growing legs. That is the right thing to do for myself, my family and my team.

I do all things that strengthen me. Everything I touch turns into gold. I relentlessly pursue my goals and enjoy paying the price. I am experiencing super natural growth and everyone in my business is experiencing super natural growth. I am a diamond, I am a diamond, I am a diamond. If someone does not like it, they can hide in the bushes and watch. This caravan is moving on. That’s it. Period!

If you want to learn more how to control your mind and to win in the game of life – fill this form and come on in!

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Is Your Shoe Hurting ?

Is Your Shoe Hurting ?

Pebble in the shoe.

Everyone has had a pebble in his or her shoe. You may have one or two now. It’s the small, nagging thoughts that eventually weigh you down. Some pebbles have been hidden, undetected for years. Others push, prod, and make their presence felt every day. Each pebble intrudes into the lives of the unsuspecting. At different times in life the pebbles arrive. Although they are small and mostly undetected, they represent many unresolved thoughts, images and experiences. Some are pebbles of doubt. They form from a single thought that occurred years, months or weeks before. Some pebbles are lodged only in your business shoes. Some reside in your house slippers that you tuck under your bed. Some pebbles find their way into your golf shoes while others form in the shoes worn while you parent. Unfortunately, some pebbles travel in all your shoes regardless of where you walk or run.

Some pebbles are of fear.

Others are created from guilt, rejection or shame. Maybe not today, but they eventually arrive unannounced and usually at the most inappropriate time. What challenges do they present?

To run the marathon race of life at your most efficient speed, you must be free of embarrassment, guilt, rejection, fear, envy, jealousy, anger, impatience, frustration and worry. All can be lodged in any shoe, from a pair of loafers worn by a city dweller in Manhattan, to a pair of boots on a farm in Montana. These intangible pebbles are crippling. They destroy relationships. They contribute to overeating and gaining unhealthy weight. They coax us into drugs, alcohol and other addictions. They destroy families and alienate friends. They thwart the potential of our children and physically snuff extra years from our life. These are the pebbles in the shoe.

The pebble can cause you to quit or perform with complete indifference.

It can help instigate a fight or add disrespectful silence to an otherwise dynamic relationship. Even the desire for fame, fortune or power can turn into a pebble in your shoe if left undetected. Most pebbles stir up the past, cloud the future and keep the present to a blink of the eye. Like a garden that’s been freshly tilled, a pebble can reappear without warning or detection.

Prevention and removal are your only options for simplicity, balance and abundance.

We can help you remove those unwanted pebbles.

Come join the new revolution – FREEDOM, FAMILY, HOPE & REWARD



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Power Of Believing

Power Of Believing


Spoken Words Have Power

How many times have you heard it said, “Just believe you can do it and you can!”  Whatever the task, if it is begun with the belief that you can do it, it will be done perfectly. Often belief enables a person to do what others think is impossible.

It is the act of believing that is the starting force or generating power that leads to accomplishment. “Come on, fellows, we can beat them,” shouts someone in command, whether in a football game, on the battlefield, or in the strife of the business world. That sudden voicing of belief, challenging and electrifying, reverses the tide and—Victory! Success! from defeatism to victory, and all because some mighty believer knew that it could be done.

You may be shipwrecked or tossed into the water near a rocky shore, and momentarily you may fear that there isn’t a chance for you. Suddenly a feeling comes that you will be saved or that you can save yourself. The moment you have that feeling it begins to take the form of belief, and along with the belief comes the power to assist you. Many stories have been told of the great reserves of the subconscious mind, how under its direction and by imparting its super human strength frail men and women have been able to perform feats far beyond their normal powers. Great orators and writers are often amazed at the power of the subconscious mind to furnish them with a steady flow of thoughts.

After studying the various mystical religions and different teachings and systems of mind-stuff, one is impressed with the fact that they all have the same basic modus operandi, and that is through repetition – the repeating of certain mantras, words, formulas or chants, frequent praying of the Buddhists, and all other faiths.  Similarities can also be found in the war dances of the American Indians with their repeated rhythmic physical movements, the tribal ceremonies to bring rain, the dancing of the whirling dervishes, even the playing of martial music at critical times embody the same principle.

And this brings us to the Law Of Suggestion, or call it the Law Of Spoken Words.

Words is through which all forces operating within its limits are capable of producing phenomenal results. The power of suggestion – autosuggestion (your own to yourself) or heterosuggestion (coming to you from outside sources)—that starts the machinery into operation, or causes the subconscious mind to begin its creative work – and right here is where the affirmations and repetitions play their part. It’s the repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations that leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

This is the identical force and the same mechanics that Hitler used in building up the German people to attack the world. Hitler had a remarkable understanding of the law of spoken words and its different forms of application and it was with uncanny skill and mastery showmanship that he mobilized every instrument of propaganda in his mighty campaign of spoken words. Hitler openly stated that the psychology of suggestion was a terrible weapon in the hands of anyone who knew how to use it.

Mussolini, too, used the same law of suggestion in an attempt to make a place for Italy in the sun. Signs and slogans such as “Believe, ‘Obey, Fight,” “Italy must have its great place in the world,” “We have some old scores and new scores to settle,” covered the walls of thousands of buildings, similar ideas were at the same time dinned into the people via the radio and every other means of direct communication by the spoken word.

This subtle force of the repeated words overcomes our reason, acting directly on our emotions and our feelings, and finally penetrating to the very depths of our subconscious minds.

It is the basic principle of all successful advertising – the continued and repeated suggestion that first makes you believe after which you are eager to buy.

“Success or Failure in business is caused more by mental attitudes than by mental capacities”

Human beings are human beings the world over – all are subject to the same emotions, same influences, and the same vibrations.  A business, a village, a city, a nation – is merely a collection of individual humans controlling and operating it with their thinking and belief and words.  Every person is the creation of himself, the image of his own thinking and believing.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – King Solomon

One of the intangible rewards in our business (what most people outside have no idea at all) is the positive environment we get which is great food for the brain. We learn how to think right, how to speak right words and develop a strong belief and faith in self and others. It takes some time before you can see the fruits. Nothing happens overnight.

If you liked this article and want to get involved in an amazing business adventure and become the person you always wanted to, just fill out the form below and I will see you inside!


Best regards,

LinkedIn Basics

LinkedIn Basics

Understanding How To Use LinkedIn

If you are on LinkedIn, you may need to understand some of the commonly used buzz words.

Here is a short explanation of each of these terms.

Understanding it will allow you to speed up your success curve with LinkedIn.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree

  • 1st degree connections – These are your trusted friends and colleagues who have sent/received and accepted an Invitation to connect. You can reach these people by sending a direct message through LinkedIn. Generally, these are people you know from current or past employment, school or past collaboration. They are known as “My Connections” in your “Settings” and are sometimes referred to as direct connections.
  • 2nd degree connections – People 2 degrees away. These are the trusted friends and colleagues of your 1st degree connections. You can reach them through an Introduction or InMail. They are considered part of “My Network” in your “Settings”.
  • 3rd degree connections – People 3 degrees away. These are the trusted friends and colleagues of those who are 2 degrees away. You can reach them through an Introduction or InMail. They are considered part of “My Network” in your “Settings”.


InMail allows you to send messages directly to LinkedIn users you couldn’t reach before. It allows you to contact or be directly contacted by 2nd or 3rd degree contacts as well as LinkedIn users who are not in your network. It is not necessary to send InMails to members who are 1st degree connections or members of the same group. You can communicate directly to these members at no cost by using the “Send message” link in the upper right area of the member’s Profile.


Introductions are LinkedIn messages that allow LinkedIn members to contact or to be contacted through shared or mutual connections. Connections can introduce you to anyone in their network by forwarding an Introduction message through a chain of their trusted professionals. LinkedIn users who are two degrees away from one another can be introduced by a shared connection. The shared connection would forward an Introduction to their 1st degree connection on your behalf. Introductions expire after 6 months if they are not responded to by the receiver.


Recommendation is a comment written by a LinkedIn user to advocate a colleague, business partner, or provider of a professional service including service providers who are not LinkedIn. Below are some of the benefits of getting recommended:

1.      Helps you hire and get hired.

2.      Helps to find customers and partners for the services you provide and need.

3.      Builds reputation and strengthens your relationships.

4.      Makes your network more valuable to everyone in it.


People who are part of OpenNetworker are people who know the incredible value of being open to new opportunities and new connections.  OpenNetworkers do not turn down any connection invites.  By being a part of OpenNetworker you can subscribe to be part of a distribution list to grow you connections.


Linked In Open Networker is a member of the business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn who positively encourages connections from any other member, whether or not they have had a previous business relationship. The abbreviation LION is used, and is usually placed somewhere in the profile page.


Toplinked is the sister group of OpenNetworker.  By listing Toplinked, LION, or OpenNetworker in your profile you invite others to send you connection invites.  These people find you by doing searches on Social Platforms and you in turn show up in search results.

Are You Presentable ?

Do you have a professional picture of you from shoulder up? Is your photo most of you or more of background scenery ?

I notice some people who have a very low self image, use their kid’s picture instead of their own, or they are so blurred or unnoticeable in their profile photo. Although this happens more on facebook than linkedin.

I often come across individuals who do not have a completed profile. If I feel that I want to do business with someone or add them for future interaction, the last thing that I want to see is a blank profile, no history or a missing image – hey I want to know who I am dealing with!

You want people to see words that describe accomplishments and these are normally action verbs like – achieved, authored, created, directed, launched, or motivated.

Showcase Your Latest Accomplishments

What were your greatest accomplishments over the past year? Talk about them here. Did you do any volunteer work in your community? Business connections can get a better sense of you as a person by reading about how you spend your time.

Almost everyone on Linkedin is either looking for a second source of income or already working on it.

If you are looking around for good opportunities where you can work from home, I highly encourage you to look at – WORLDIMART


Best regards,




There is no more noble occupation in the world, than to assist another human being and to help some one to the point where they can succeed and be all they want to be.

Nobody taught me this in school or college -

One of the greatest laws in the universe is the law sowing and reaping -

Put another way, what you sow in life, you also reap

We see this sowing principle in action all around us.

People who live generous, giving lives often receive

great rewards. Great friends attract equally great

friendships. And those who are lazy, more often than not,

live a life that’s wasteful and unfulfilled.

Since the beginning of creation farmers have cultivated crops by

this same principle. They would never expect a crop which they

hadn’t planted in the first place. It is the same in our lives.


Robert Kiyosaki in his brilliant book “Rich Dad’ poor Dad”

states “Whatever you want in life, you have to give it away first.”


Isn’t it amazing that the things you give away often return to you?

When you give something away you will always get something better in return!

Never miss the opportunity to give. Never disregard those heart-felt

prompts, because what may seem silly to you might mean everything to someone else.

Giving need not be just in monetary terms, you can also give your time, your effort, heart..

Use your common sense and judgement when giving. Giving or helping someone more than their ability to self help is going to back fire.


Seeds Turn into Harvests

I heard a man once say that one can count the seeds

in an apple, but cannot count the apples in a seed.

What seeds of opportunity are you creating for other people?

Opportunities don’t just happen; they are created.

We create opportunities when we share them,

when we show them and when we give them away.

We often think entrepreneurs are only creating wealth for themselves,

when in fact they are also creating many opportunities for others.

A successful venture creates job opportunities, wealth opportunities and opportunities for

people to buy homes, not to mention  opportunities for them to educate their children

and create a future. Successful businesses help others fulfill their dreams.


Anybody who has a harvest of prosperity today, has sown seeds in the near past.

Former Chrysler Corporation chairman, Lee lacocca said,

“In the end all business operations can be reduced to three words –

people, product and prof’its. People come first.”

A key to making the most of opportunity is to know that we must also create

opportunities for others.

Brian Tracy, author of Maximum Achievement said,

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others,

unsuccessful people are always asking what’s in it for me?”


We create opportunities by networking with other people.

Networking is people working together for self betterment.

I enjoy being connected. I have lost count of the times I have

been able to connect other people.

Perhaps it was a printer who needed a great

graphic artist, or a great graphic artist who needed someone to print something.

Perhaps it was someone who was looking for an opportunity to become successful,

and I had the opportunity to link him with someone who has been financially successful.

Many times I have been able to help young people struggling with addictions

and crisis in their life meet someone who has overcome similar difficulties. Their triumph

has provided inspiration for those young people. This

is connecting people together. It is the art of networking.

We must learn the art of working together. Its the power of synergy,

where the total sum is greater than the individual parts.

No man or woman will ever be a success by him or her self.

We must learn the art the engine, the transmission and every other

individual part that makes up the car working together is very useful.

Synergy is the power of each individual part working together.

We can do more collectively, with co-operation and with an interconnection,

much more than we ever could just on our own.


That’s the very reason we have tremendous success in our business.

We work together in synergy with all our associates and everyone who chooses to work with us, succeeds. In our business you automatically find yourself in the “giving” position before you can start reaping the rewards. Come join us on our life long journey of Giving to freedom, family, hope and reward.


Best regards,

Hungry For Praise

We all hunger for a little praise.

Hungry For Praise

We want to know we are doing well, and are valued.
Positive reinforcement is not about
hearts and flowers and just being nice to people.
Its about giving them feedback that makes them
want to keep doing what they’re doing.
Years ago when my uncle got a dog, Buddy the Boxer, he liked
to run the household on his terms. Translation: he liked to chew up
everything and poop or pee whenever and wherever
he wanted. Many peoples first reaction is to want to scold a
puppy, but in puppy training class they teach that doing so
doesn’t work. In fact, they tell you that as soon as your puppy
does something good, praise it. This way, the puppy will keep
doing that good thing.
I thought if it works on pooches, how about people?
I am here to report to you, it works! People are also
hungry for praise.
Sometimes the reason people get so jaded in life and work is
due to lack of praise or recognition. They feel like a number
in a computer, and not someone important and valued.

All people love to know they are valued—

and that what they do makes a significant difference.
You can’t go wrong by making others feel significant.
Don t wait until the company’s annual banquet to praise someones
efforts; do it on the spot with sincerity and authenticity.
One day, someone held a door open for me. I praised this by saying, Thank you,
I love when people are so nice I hold the door for others”
He smiled and accepted the praise. what he will do and be happy to do again?
Hold the door for someone.

Praise is a special form of recognition that feels good

and lets others know they are meaningful.
You don’t have to feel weird praising others.
Try to praise three people a day, and
you will find that it is actually fun to do.
You will also start to look for the good work
and efforts in others. It enriches attitude and relationships.
Start looking for the good in others, and reinforce
the behavior with authentic praise.
Years ago, as I was doing a sound check for a seminar,
there was a young man named Joe there who
had volunteered to help me set up.
We worked together for about an hour.
When we were done, I told him, “Curt, you
keep doing what you do. You are a rock star!
Thank you so much for your time and effort in
helping me get all set up today’
He began to tear up.
He said, “you are the first person ever to thank and
compliment me on my work around here.”
That just means so much to me.”

A little praise can go a long way.

Praise truly is a gift of attitude!

It works wonders when you are building a business team.

It costs nothing to praise, and everything to gain.., but sure you will need to
look for the good in others by keeping your eyes and ears open.


Best regards,

Power Of The Subconscious

Subconscious needs your attention

Power Of The Subconscious

Power Subconscious

The conscious mind is incredibly small

when compared to the subconscious one,

like a solitary human being standing atop an ice sheet that is many miles across.
In sheer proportions, the subconscious mind occupies many thousands of times
more of our mental faculties than does the conscious mind.To make its dominance
even more commanding, the subconscious mind labors 24 hours a day,
while the conscious mind functions only while you are awake.
It should not surprise anyone, that substantial progress in a positive direction,
which only occurs when you are awake and working, is almost impossible when
your life vision is generally negative. The solution is not to travel faster while you are awake.
That approach is futile and exhausting, doomed to failure from the start.
The answer lies in changing your subconscious mind’s vision of who you are
and what you are to be and do.


The subconscious mind is never completely negative.

It could never be completely anything. It is a hodgepodge of
helpful, harmful, and neutral thoughts, memories assumptions
feelings, and beliefs. Every piece of data that enters
your mind through your five senses is recorded by your
brain without regard for its accuracy or virtue.
It is analyzed, sifted, interpreted, and either stored,
ignored, rejected, or repressed. In this way, every bit of input,
no matter how tiny or insignificant, changes you slightly.
In the same way that anything dropped into a stew alters
the composition and flavor of the whole pot, everything that
goes into your well alters it slightly. Every bit of salt makes it saltier.
Every bit of sugar makes it sweeter. Therefore, just as the damaging
beliefs dissolved in your well water never cease to exert their
influence on you, the positive ones are also at work 24/7.
Almost everyone has had the experience of going to
bed at night with a vexing problem, only to awaken the following
morning or in the middle of the night with a brilliant solution.
We’ve all heard people respond to a challenging
question by saying, “Let me sleep on it.” In other words, they are saying,
“Let me shut down my conscious mind and allow the creative genius
of my subconscious to grapple with the issue.”
Due to their contrast in size, your conscious mind is helpless to overcome
the vision of life harbored in the subconscious. Day after day
you may toil relentlessly to build the life you long for, but night after night
the billions of neurons programmed for failure in your brain create a mysterious
but overwhelming desire within you to sabotage your own success..,
like a man trying to swim upstream in a strong current, the effort required
for even small gains is enormous. To make matters worse, whenever he stops
to rest all of his gains are rapidly erased. In this way, as the years go by,
you will find yourself progressively further from your goals.

By reprogramming your subconscious vision of life,

you can slowly stop the “southward” trend, and even reverse it.

The benefits of accomplishing this are enormous, because if you are
successful in this endeavor you will find yourself moving forward
even as you sleep! Eventually the river in which you are swimming
will also start moving in the same direction as your goals,
amplifying your efforts instead of diminishing them,
accelerating your pace rather than slowing it.

One place I know for sure can teach you

more about this subject..

and help change your life  -  F.E.D.

Power Of The Subconscious

Power Of The Subconscious

Most important question you should ask yourself is – how are
we able to get 25,000 business owners voluntarily under one roof ?

Answer is simple – we bring value and results and empower people everyday.

Best regards,

How Do You Boil A Frog?

How Do You Boil A Frog?

Do you put the frog in boiling water ?

No, it will jump out in an instant.

So then how do you boil a frog ?

Here is the answer …

Now, this is a real good analogy I am going to describe

what happens to people in their jobs..

sounds funny, but it is the truth and really sad.


Ok, so, just put the frog in a pan of water at room temperature.

The frog is very happy and swimming all around thinking wow what a lifestyle!

This is like your first job, everything is awesome and a big jump in income

life is just awesome!


Next, take the pan to the stove and start to heat it very slowly, turn the flame to minimum.

The frog is like wohoo this pool also has hot water! no bad at all..

This is like your boss asked you for the very first time to do a bit extra at home or over time.

and you love to take challenges and its also your time to shine over the other co-workers.


Next, turn the heat up a bit more..

The frog now is a little bit uneasy, but it ain’t that bad so will keep swimming thinking its just temporary.

This is like you’ve been asked again and again to do overtime and since you do the job,

you keep getting the work load.., with a little extra pay so you don’t mind and do it anyway

thinking its just a temporary extra work load phase..

Or, it could also be that you got fired from your job 3 times over already and

you are not liking the heat and the environment anymore.. but you got to do it

cause you have to pay the bills How Do You Boil A Frog?


Next, turn the heat up and up and the water is starting to bubble..!!

This sends out an alert signal to the frog, and the frog swims faster in frustration..

thinking what the hell is going on, but the water is too hot for it to jump out.

This is like you are now in your 40s and your wife and kids want to see you home

for dinner in time, but your boss wants you to take more and more responsibilities

because now you have big time experience and you are to manage a big team too..

you are frustrated with quiet desperation inside, don’t know what to do..


Next, max the heat on the pan and watch the frog die in boiling water.

This is like a sad story of a hard working employee fired at age 50.  At age 50 no

one wants to hire you, because they can get two new frogs to work at half the cost.

oops i’m sorry, i didn’t mean you are a frog, but.. you get the idea!

How Do You Boil A Frog?

Do you want to be a Lion instead of a frog ?

I have actually seen frogs turn into Lions at this annual event called FED.

I was too, almost in the category of frogs, before this event saved my life and

taught me how to live like a Lion.

Click on F.E.D. and be there

if you want it bad enough.

Best regards,
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